Last Updated: Wednesday December 17, 2003

Discovery of Saddam Hussain

Arrest of Saddam Hussain is not confidence inspiring that it may either be fictitious or otherwise. If it is genuine one, it may either involve his pre or post arrest. His pre arrest involves his arrest right at the time of fall of Baghdad and kept in harboring in the remote area of the Iraq. His arrest at the time of election in America has opened so many questions as to its genuine arrest. Disclosure of his post arrest may involve the process of legitimization of American action in Iraq. Secondly it can be said that it aims to discourage the movement of Iraqi people against America. America cannot depart from Iraq unless she proves its success otherwise it may damage the American image to whole of the world. Arrest of Saddam shall help in Honourable depart of America from Iraq. It is also try to frustrate the movement in Iraq against allied forces. Facts reveals that the detained person is not Saddam but he may be duplicate or replica of the president Saddam.

It is not beyond to perceive that all the Weapons of Mass Destruction will now be discovered after due inquiry from Saddam Hussain as Punjab Police discovers everything from the arrested accused.

If the American will continue to work in such a way, they will soon arrest the Mulla Umar and Usama, even to those who have been died!

Since the England is greatly associated with America in this illegitimate war, therefore it is strong feeling that America has had arrested the Saddam long before his disclosure and during his hidden arrest they have had being administrated with intoxications to wash out his brain as the England had treated the Mughal rulers at their last stage.

British have suggested the same treatment with Iraqi Rulers to Americans which they had used for Mughal Rulers in Indo-Pak Sub-Continent. Since England is greatly associated with America, therefore, it is not beyond to suspect that England has suggested the same treatment to Americans particularly the administration of intoxications to Saddam.

Arrest of Saddam is also threat and message to entire Muslim World that they shall be treated in such a manner if they do not surrender before America. It has provided an opportunity for Muslims to think about role of Muslim World against American imperialism.

December 15, 2003

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