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Basant Ceremony/festival

1.      Meaning: Normally it is said that it is a ceremony which is celebrated on the arrival of spring season when flowers are opened and leaves are come out on trees. Its celebration is also connected with the cutting of the wheat crop. According to dictionary it means early spring festival of Hindus usually marked by kite flying or name of musical mode.

2.      Origin: Its actual reason to celebrate is to tribute one of the Hindu who committed the insolence in respect of Apostle Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). By this way, we tribute to the Insolent of Apostle. Allah may forgive us! The one of Indian Court then judicially killed that person. Now this day is celebrated in his memory, which now has successfully been connected with the welcome of spring season. Its celebration shows affection with Insolent of Apostle. A true Muslim cannot tolerate the insolence of our Apostle Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

3.      Background: Earlier its celebration was very limited and at local level. After patronage of government, it became one of our National Festival! I am afraid that government shall soon or later declare gazetted holiday in its recognition for Muslims. Our Islamic ceremonies shall become to an end.

4.      Scope in Pakistan: It was never been treated as the festival of reasonable people of Pakistan. Almost all third class people have been engaged in its celebration. Everyone has been seen it with the eye of aversion. But now the involvement of elite class made it of greatest importance. Government also encourages engagement and investment of private organizations in its promotion. Musical concerts and roads decoration is way of its promotion. Some prominent political leaders, lawyers, and diplomats etc. also contribute in it and give long statements in its favour.

5.      Its treatment: People who are fond of Basant were treated mean and worthless of Pakistan. They were considered wretched. Educated and reasonable people were not used to fly kites. It was hateful act of rubbish people. Students were fined against their absence on the day of Basant. Teachers were used to deliver lecture to students for its prevention. Students were given homework in length to avoid their participation in such type of rubbish thing.

6.      Involvement of elites: As far elite class has taken part in it, it became one of biggest festival of Pakistan. We have left Hindus behind in their functions. Non believers feel repentance being their failure. First of all this was Pir Sahib Pagara, one of the eminent figure of Pakistani politics who took part in kite flying along-with other luminaries! No one raised voice against the act of the Priest in such indulgement. We think that every act in which some prominent people take part is remarkable.

7.      Patronage of government: During the regime of Benazir Bhutto, it was started very first time to celebrate at national level with the support of government. Millions of kites and reels of thread were distributed among the people to divert their attention from their social and economical problems. It is intoxication to people as the religion is opium to people in the eyes of communists. Government exploits their compulsions. This also constitutes breach of trust on the part of government for which she is entrusted. Mix gathering, musical concerts, and dances etc. are arranged to attract public. Loud voice of decks disturbs the peace of people. Basant was not celebrated warmly as now with the patronage of government is being celebrated to achieve some ulterior motives like to have the pleasure of West and America. Government has tried its best to lose Islamic Identity of Pakistan and to show Pakistan as a secular and dominion state. These measures are leading the Pakistan toward sex free state.

Government never takes part in the celebration of Eids and other Islamic days with slight exception of illuminations, which is displayed on some government buildings.

8.      Losses: Basant brings several losses to its celebrators such as:

Metal wire is used to get hold the strayed kite. It causes failure of power resulting jam of entire life. Modern life depends on power. When power fails, people also fails. Where there is no power, there is neither life nor progress. Most of homework depends on power. Industrialization is also dependent on it. Frequently tripping of power causes economic loss due to failure of entire machinery. Electrical appliances also get damaged. Study and rest become impossible. Kite flyers mostly use roofs to satisfy their interest. This affects the privacy policy of people. Violation of privacy affects good feelings of people toward others society members. People who catch the kites commit house trespass. It is offence under Pakistan Penal Code. Intention is immaterial to constitute this offence.

Some time people enter into home belonging to others without obtaining permission from its dwellers. It breaches strict regard of decency. It is also punishable at law but these violations remain unreported. When strayed kite is tried to get hold, it may cause traffic accidents. There are several examples where throat injury was happened by thread, resulted deaths some times.

Some time kite flyers fall/tumble down from roofs and get severe injury. Some time this injury brings death. This death causes disappointment and other psychological problems. Most young people are victimized who are assets of the nation.

Use of pressure horns while appreciating straying of kite belonging to opponent causes high blood pressure and headache. No one can prohibit them. All the satanic forces come together.

Hospitals are already overcrowded and victims of Basant also put too pressure on health services. Kite flyers should not be provided with medical facility to deter the other society members. They should be left at the mercy of their interest.

9.      Legal position - Constitution: Constitution is silent on its permission or prohibition. No other law prohibits it. Neither valuable interpretation of law persists to solve this problem nor does effective legislation exist. Many times a Learned Advocate Mr. M. D. Tahir lodged petition to prohibit Basant, but always Mafia came into way to interrupt in its success. Government also does not like its prohibition. Law of Wapda pertains only upto the extent of the prohibition of metallic wire.

10.  Social position: There is not consensus at national level regarding its celebration. People have insufficient knowledge about its disadvantages. Some people oppose it apparently but majority remains silent. Might be silence is due to the fear of lose of decency or avoid of government prejudice. Peaceful citizens hate it.

11.  Economic aspect: Some people have economic interest/benefits but they sell death and disregard/disrespect. They earn little, which causes loss a lot. Some people advance the argument of economic activity in selling of thread and kites. They forget while arguing that every economic activity does not bring progress. Smuggling is also one of economic activity but it does not bring any prosperity to society. The same is with such argument.

12.  Government role: Government is liable in certain ways, such as education, withdrawal of its patronage, anti kite flying enactment, and law enforcement etc. If government cannot prohibits its celebration at all, even than it should be pushed out of city as the milk-producing animals such as cows have been turned out from metropolitan areas. Kite flying in open areas may reduce suffering of the peaceful and crowded locality.

13.  Role of society: Only reasonable, educated, and well aware people may fulfill the requirement to educate the rest of public. Strayed kites should be destroyed rather its distribution to others. They should use their influence on their subjects to avoid play of satanic game. They should disallow to use their roofs for the kite flyers.

14.  Role of Media: TV presents special programme containing musical concerts. News on Basant achieves most importance and priority than the news on Eid preparation. It reflects our deep concern on such mirth/aversion. This practice is turning us in wrong direction. Our Qibla has been changed. Media should strictly prohibit any programme relating to Basant either musical programme or news and views. Wearing of yellow clothes should be prohibited to discourage. Its wearing in colleges should also be prohibited. On the day of Basant, i.e., February 09, 2003, at 09:00 p. m., Khabarnama on Pakistan Television Corporation was delayed due to coverage of World Cup and on other two stations due to Basan Mela. Importance of such two events has left behind the importance of permanent programme of news on TV.

15.  Preservation of Islamic Ideology: Where one thing is protected, definitely it reduces or extinguishes the value of others. Being Muslims it is imperative for us to advance Islamic values only. It will lead to extinct un-Islamic adoptions. Preservation of Islamic ideology is guarantee to separate undesirable portion. It will make our culture pure and healthy.

16.  Replacement of Islamic Ceremonies way of expression: It is notable thing that all ceremonies are supposed a way of expression. Language, dressing, and festivals etc. are tools to express ideology of the nation for which they are obliged and subject. We have either to completely extinct or replace those, which damage our national identity.

17.  Bar on economy: Strong economy is base of strong nation. Entire economic system gets weaker position where funds are utilized in unproductive manner. Its continuity becomes bar on economy. We spend billions of rupees in term of foreign exchange. It is also noteworthy that outcome of foreign exchange comes from one of our lethal enemy India. We are bringing up our mortal enemy. It is point to think about that whether we have to transfer our foreign exchange stocks/reserves to our enemy or we heave to use it against it. If we are sincere to Pakistan then we have to discontinue such practice.

18.  Production of vagabond race/generation: Celebration of Basant is one source to produce profligate race. Aimless people never form nations, however they cause its destruction. We are on the same footings. Our generation is unaware of our ancestors/forefathers and their memorable work, but they know to those who have adverse interests to us.

19.  Pleasure of Allah or Satan: We have also to think about that whether we have to achieve pleasure of Allah or Satan. It is our obligation to decide whether we have to submit Almighty Allah or Satan. Allah has not put us in compulsion to indulge in such type of mirth/amusement. We have to discourage such rubbish things and to encourage and follow to those for which Almighty Allah has entrusted us. We have to fear of Allah to avoid the fear of West (Satan).

20.  Lives of Pakistan: Pakistan was came into existence that all Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam, as set out in the Holy Quran. Whether this celebration advances such lives of Pakistan? Whether our such act is in accordance with Quran? We have to think about it and decide our sphere.

21.  Our national responsibility: We have to decide being Muslims that what are the ceremonies, to whom we have to celebrate prominently. Whether Basant is of same rating as compare to all the Islamic ceremonies? Whether any secular functions should attract such importance? Almighty Allah has given us Eids but we have forgotten them. We have adopted Satanic interests. Allah may forgive us but we have left no room to invite Divine devastation. It amounts breach of duty for which we are entrusted/obliged. Once again Almighty Allah may forgive us.

These some lines may contribute to educate my brothers. I feel success if even one of my brother mends his way to order his life in conformity to the way of Allah. Allah may bless all of us. Aameen.

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