Last Updated: Friday December 26, 2003

Achievement of Blessings

Soon after agreement between government and MMA, this is second attack on President Musharraf. President has not named the culprits but he as slightly indicated who may be! In his opinion they may be Islamic groups. It is cheapest way to achieve American blessing, who are fighting war against so called terrorism around Pakistan, to linger on his tenure of ruling. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, president has received no injury. It is his good luck but other 14 or 15 innocent people have been brutally killed. It is their bad luck! What a fortune which saves stronger but un-saves the weaker!

Motorcade of president had detection device which is used to jam the frequency of bombs. It was alleged after former unsuccessful attack which was made before 11 days. May be it is retaliation against coordination of president with America after the attack of 11 September? Allah knows better.

Now assailants have changed their strategy to prevent possible failure of their weapons. Second attack on December 25, 2003 with a difference of 11 days is clear cut message to President Musharraf that now America has no need of Musharraf and sooner or later, he will be killed and a new man will be tried to carry on their task. These attacks are either engineered or American sponsored. In both cases, writing on wall is clear. It is upon rulers whether how they regard it. Have the both attacks of 11 September and attacks with difference of 11 days any resemblance?

President Musharraf has alleged that my enemies are enemies are of Islam and Pakistan. Can enemies of Musharraf be termed enemies of Islam and Pakistan? What he has served for Islam and Pakistan? America has killed so many Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq with the coordination of Musharraf. Musharraf has termed them being collateral losses. Now this collateral loss is serious threat for Musharraf. Has Musharraf licence of Islam and Pakistan?

Enquiry on last attack is still in pipeline/under the way. Despite he has not named any one but he has charged extremists, terrorists, sectarians, and militants. These are the words which have lost their meaning due to their frequent use. American friendship does not afford enmity with others.

Rulers are tapering the life circle around people making their life miserable and nature is doing the same thing with them. What a good retaliation.

December 26, 2003

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