Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

British Kindness

British Prime Minister has warned Iraq for lethal consequential retaliation against possible use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. This is appreciable kind threat which is sufficient to open eyes of Muslims. We welcome the use of WMD! Well done Blair – keep it up! The question arises that whether present treatment with Iraq is affectionately? Whether they are distributing sweet to Iraqis and they will discontinue doing so if the Iraqis demand otherwise? What more kindness allies may offer to Iraq? Statement of Prime Minister is an audacity to get the external world believed that allies are constructing the Iraq. This is All Lies. They do not allow external media to give the rest of the world real internal picture. They have built up iron curtain between them and the rest of world. Reality is being concealed. We appreciate the good news of British Prime Minister which he has unveiled for Iraq! It reflects their ultimate objectives which they have in Muslim World. Mr. Bush is going to implement British illegitimate desires by requiring more budget from its Senate for the use of Weapons of Mass Destructions. Nothing its portion is allocated for Iraqi construction but only for destruction. I believe that American use the word “construction” in the meaning of “destruction” as it was previously used in the matter of Babri Mosque in India!

Bush is giving good news of liberty of Iraqi people whereas, in fact, American people need liberation from his imperialism.

Disinformation on allies’ media has now emerged to decrease their self created bad impression. Actual Sadam has been died, Iraqi have dress in American uniforms, Iraqis are killing Iraqis are such kinds of disinformation. It also reflects their defeat on each and every front.

March 28, 2003

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