Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

In the way of Britain

Once upon a time British were ruler of the world alone. It was climax for them. But as natural consequences, their climax came down. Now sun never rises in the state were sun was never set down. It was not defect of their administration but it was consequences of man made system. Every system consequently goes down which only follows instinctive desires and negates humanity. It was also with Pharaoh who had claim of sustainer of their subjects.

America should learn from British ultimate conclusion. American barbarianism demands another forum to ensure peace. In the words of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (r), only “Union of the People” is a guarantee to achieve such objectives rather “Union of the Nations”. Its negligence brings he same conclusion as of Britain. World cannot achieve peace unless the concept of Nation is not changed. Concept of Nation based on respect of People is only one solution to achieve peace.

If we do same for our self which we do for our nation, we shall be called big Satans! This is a quotation of a European Scholar. American nation does not know what they are doing. Preservation of humanity requires the respect of people rather nations.

Every system based on corruption and disorder never persists. Americans are also digging their graves in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nation of alcohol and pig consumption does not know the value of courage and steadiness of believers. USSR was also super power but later it was eventually divided into pieces. Same is with USA who is going towards its ultimate conclusion.

On the one hand humanity is being trampled but on the other hand Pakistanis are busy in cricket and cultural shows. Such songs and shows in the presence of show of power for bloodshed is lamentation on Iraqi situation. Waywardness is emerging. One armed group is going to disarm another and world is watching the seen uninterruptedly.

People of world have reached on understanding that clash of nations or civilization shall bring great disaster for human kind. Their vote against war is reflection of human values.

Allah may bless all of us.

March 31, 2003

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