Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Ceremonial days

There was a time when the kite flying/celebration of Basant was considered rubbish and act of wretched people. Educated and reasonable people were not used to fly kites. It was hateful act. It was not celebrated warmly as now with the patronage of government is being celebrated to achieve some ulterior motive like to have the pleasure of West and America.

Later on some elite like Pir Sahib Pagara took part in flying of kite along-with some other eminent figures. No one raised voice against the act of the Priest in such indulgement.

Presently government is fully supporting the Basant ceremony. May be it aims to show West Pakistan as a secular state who has lost its Islamic identity? Patronage of government has brought the Basant at the level of National Ceremony. Government never takes part in the celebration of Eids and other Islamic days with slight exception of illuminations which is displayed on government buildings.

Now along-with Basant Valentine Day is another day which is being projected in TV Commercials. This practice shall make our society sex free.

It can be said easily that time is coming soon when all Islamic ceremonies shall disappear and all un-Islamic ceremonies shall take its place. Replacement of Islamic ceremonies with un-Islamic shall make us the people of Satan.

All the private companies taking part in promotion of this Satanic act should be directed to divert their investment toward the promotion of other Islamic and useful acts. It will bring us prosperity and progress.

It is our obligation to decide whether we have to submit Almighty Allah or Satan. Allah has not put us in compulsion to indulge in such type of mirth/amusement. We have to discourage such rubbish things and to encourage and follow to those for which we have been entrusted by Almighty Allah. We have to fear of Allah to avoid the fear of West (Satan). Leave un-Islamic things to adopt Islamic obligations.

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