Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Clean Pakistan

Cleaning reflects the better way of living in the society that’s why heavy budget is spent in modern states to accomplish the job. Our government also allocates sufficient funds to do so. Their effective utilization may bring us prosperity.

Condition in our streets needs little bit attention. Sweepers do not sweep regularly and remain absent till long. They appear after long intervals. They sweep with broken hands and leave dusty weaves. They leave work of today until tomorrow, which never comes. They follow their mood rather than job rules/code of service.

Being the citizens of Lahore we can say that each street of the Lahore is representation of this picture. It needs improvements. Scarcity of the resources is one of the main hurdle in the achievement of the objectives but entire responsibility cannot be put into it. Proper employment of the available resources may contribute to come out from such the worst condition.

This is not a big problem of Lahore only but the entire Pakistan is suffering from this disease. It is common understanding that all sweepers are not allocated to do their official work but they remain engage most of the time in the personal duties of the counselors. Following measures may help in better service:

1.      Personal duties of the corporation employees must be discontinued at all forever.

2.      Eight hours duty of the workers must be followed strictly in doing their work continuously.

3.      Sanitation/sewer cleaning machinery must follow schedule of sanitation to avoid stagnancy and overflow of waters in the gutters/main holes.

4.      Wastage come out from gutters/main holes requires proper disposal of to avoid its future spreading in the vicinity which not only causes spreading of diseases but filth also.

5.      Solid waste must be disposed of either for the earth filling, where it is required or to strengthen the bank of Ravi River or otherwise but in anyway it must be kept away from the dwelling areas.

6.      Removal of the garbage from filth depots/containers must follow proper schedule.

7.      Burning of the wastage material must be avoided to prevent the spreading of air pollution, which causes diseases. It is observed that some people of corporation also are involved in disposing of leave like material in such a way, which is also offence under the Environment Protection Laws. It must be discontinued.

8.      Construction of filth depots or placement of containers for collection of garbage should be at the place out of the congested area to avoid bad smell.

9.      Dangerous buildings either be demolished after serving proper notice and adopting legal procedure or reconstructed so that it may no cause injury to the dwellers of the precincts.

Although this is not the complete plan to beautify the Pakistan but at least it can clean the Pakistan. It will bring us in the line of cleanliness lovers. It is minimum requirement, which we have to achieve to become good people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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