Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Irrelevant Consideration – Indians’ Deep Prudence

Media has turned out that India will not send his cricket team in Pakistan. This step has been taken to save their skins. They have taken support of debriefing of Pakistani scientists. They have taken into consideration the probable involvement of Pakistan Government in nuclear proliferation.

They have argued that this step has been taken against possible victimization of Indian cricket team.

Our intellectual class is unable to understand the Indian consideration as to what is relationship between debriefing of Pakistani Scientists and security of cricketers? Probably India seems to be very conscious about the life of its cricketers.

American President came in Pakistan and also Prime Minister of India itself, nothing could happen, but visit of players has put them into perplexity! India leaves no opportunity to defame Pakistan on every issue disregarding its value in the eyes of world.

Now India has decided to send its team in Pakistan according to schedule but it is still unknown that under what pressure? Relevant authority should take severe action against those who take such types of please causing lose to repute of host country.

Monday February 23, 2004

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