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The Commissioner, Lahore Division

Old DCO Office

Dev Samaj Road

Near Civil Courts


Phone No. 0092-42-9214239.



February 24, 2009


Subject: Complaint against inhuman attitude of DDO (Revenue) Cantonment Syeda Kulsum Hai.


Dear Sir,


It is most respectfully stated that every public office is presumed to be open during working hours for general public to redress their grievances. This objective can only be achieved by giving the general public free access. Meeting during working hours is undesirable neglecting the complainants.

Undersigned visited the office of the Deputy District Officer (Revenue) Cantonment today at about 11:30 am to complain against a Patwari, but DDO(R) Cantonment did not only refused to hear undersigned but also insulted telling Get Out, I am holding meeting.

It is not only highly unprofessional, inhuman, insulting but also comes under misconduct.

A strict administrative (disciplinary) and legal action may kindly be initiated against her resulting her dismissal from service. Her remaining there may cause disaster.


Yours faithfully,


Nasir Nazir Butt

Advocate High Court

47-D/2, Islam St. 5, Karnal Pura

Shah Kamal, Near Mosque Aouqaf, Ichhra



Phone No.: 0333-4076420

c. c.: Chief Minister Punjab, Chief Minister House, The Mall, Lahore.

Governor Punjab, Governor House, The Mall, Lahore.

The Secretary Revenue, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore.

The District Co-Ordination Officer, District Courts, Lahore.

Executive District Officer, District Courts, Lahore.

District Officer (Revenue), District Courts, Lahore.

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Tuesday February 24, 2009

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