Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Declaration of war – Mass destruction

Roots of the “Ancient Democracy” have been putrefied and the stem has been depleted.  People of the West have openly demonstrated anti war procession. Protest against war has raised from the inner of West. If the voice of people is not regarded, no one would be in position to protect and save America from its ultimate destruction, in case of invasion against Iraq. Every pro war step of America shall keep it away from its own integrity.

Some questions arise from the American war mania such as:

1.      Whether weapons within use of American forces are of the same standard as the UNO has approved?

2.      Whether America has no weapons of the mass destruction?

3.      Whether weapons used during invasion against Iraq were not of the mass destruction?

4.      Whether weapons being used in Afghanistan are in accordance with the specifications of UNO?

5.      Whether weapons arranged to wipe off Iraq are of mass construction?

6.      Why America wants solo flight despite the dissenting opinion of the other Security Council Members?

7.      Whether attack on Iraq is most important in the presence of the most dangerous weapons and threat of North Korea against America?

8.      Why America is urging the need of another resolution against Iraq? Whether previous resolution has lost its sanctity or credibility?

America should learn from the positive role of France and other Security Council Members with slight exception of Britain. Billion of people from the land of different states have raised voice against the need of possible war against Iraq. Most of anti war demonstration came from Europe. UK, who was strongest ally of America has withdrawn its support after realizing the report of Weapons’ Inspectors in UNO. What it has left for Bush except to adopt intimidation/ mass threatening language/tone against Sadam to conceal his repentance? It is thought now that America is seeking toward any intimate/condoler who may bring America out from such a complex situation. If the war is imposed against innocent Iraqi people without any lawful justification, it shall cause the destruction of whole of America. America shall disappear from the face of earth, as it was never existent. Now both actions either imposition of war or its withdrawal shall cost a lot for America. American President cannot go into war without obtaining prior ratification from Senate which is one of the strongest forum under its Constitution. His attitude as Emperor shall extinct role of both US Congress and UNO. Now it has became the responsibility of entire world either within or outside UNO to remain away America from such act of Bush of mass destruction. If the voice of people is not regarded or America is not kept away from such an undesirable motive, it shall derogate the sanctity of UNO Charter. Union of the American States shall also be endangered. There is great need to control the wayward horse (America). Formation of anti American bloc is need of the time. Invasion against Iraq shall be treated an act of terrorism.

Weapons’ Inspectors have acquitted the Sadam as far as the question of existence of dangerous weapons is concerned. They could not search even than a single piece of arms, which may prove the allegations of Bush. All spy sources of America could not explore the possibility of the availability of objectionable weapons in Iraq. Bush is constantly charging Sadam that he has to prove that he does not have any destructive weapons. How Sadam can prove his innocence as America wishes? American allies are constantly urging the need to remain Weapons’ Inspectors within Iraq to accomplish their job despite their report in UNO. America seems to be a fundamentalist and terrorist, as it is threat against the whole of world.

Mere anti war demonstration is insufficient to remain away America from achievement of its ulterior motives, but effective participation of world becomes imperative to create hurdles in the way of America. UNO shall lose its credibility if the war is started. Object of the UNO is to protect the world from war and not to authorize some one to commit invasion unilaterally.

May be Bush wishes to achieve success in the next forthcoming election in which he expects strong contest with other prominent leaders of America or may be America wants access to oil deposits in Arab? Last war was fought on the cost of Arab but now America alone has to bear its cost.

War dragon is advancing constantly without any fear and getting any effect of weak worded statements of world-leaders particularly Arab allies. It is going out of one’s reach. World has to control America before the attempt of war. Membership of America in Security Council should be taken away in order to protect the rest of world from its imperialism.

Pakistani Prime Minister has started visit through Pakistan and meetings with political leaders to bring them on the unanimous stand when the war is at the point to begin. This is too late. We are compelled to think about whether such an act shall make any difference to change the circumstances this time?

Heavy American bombardment and search could not find Usama in Afghanistan but Pakistani police has searched and arrested the Master Mind of Al-Qaida in a moment. What a efficiency? Whether America would feel repentance on its role in Afghanistan? Justification to remain in Afghanistan came to an end. Would America leave Afghanistan as its Mission Impossible has been completed? Now America has achieved its ultimate objectives. Would Pakistani law enforcing agencies be sent in Afghanistan for the search of Usama? Whether search of Usama remains material after arrest of SKM (Sheikh Khalid Muhammad)?

Now the Chief of Weapons’ Inspectors has warned Iraq to destroy some weapons under control of UNO to which Iraq has accepted. If war is fought after this destruction of weapons and keeping the Iraq unarmed, it shall bring greatest disaster, which shall never be compensated.

­Following may be the after war effects such as:

Cost of living shall rise. Prices of energy have already been increased in Pakistan before attempt of war. Its increase affects all the life commodities. Inflation is constantly uprising.

Budget of army gets on higher side. On the one hand Europe and America underline the need to reduce military budgets in Asia but on the other hand they cause extensive increase in it. Investment in military returns little but causes loss a lot.

Hatred emotions keep away nations from each other. It is all because of undesirable and unjustified war.

Majority of people already lives under the poverty line. War is another source to decline them.

Different social problems already cause hurdles in loving emotions among people. In the same time war increases their problems. Attempt of adventurism brings distresses to people of the rest of world.

Allah may save us from the evil of Devil.

March 03, 2003

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