Last Updated: Thursday February 12, 2004

Destabilization of Pakistan

America has targeted Afghanistan and Iraq and brutally killed the masses of the area in search of WMD and their leadership. Whether it shows that Americans have achieved their aims completely? The answer is in negative.

America has showed its willingness to attack over Pakistan but the only one hurdle which refrains America is nuclear status of Pakistan among Muslim States. Pakistan shall be targeted at the end when all potential Muslims states would have been ruined. America is moving secretly towards its objectives. American allegations are destabilizing Pakistan. Legend of Pakistan has been snubbed/humiliated. A person, to whom President of Pakistan should salute and respect, has been compelled to demand alms for pardon. Members of the cabinet who already deserve pardon have granted pardon to A. Q. Khan, the legend of Pakistan! In legal language, it is termed innuendo, that is to say indirect derogatory suggestion. Crows are in place of Eagles!

In second phase, Pakistan nuclear programme shall be tried to be controlled ending in destruction of nuclear weapons, causing Pakistan weaker and helpless state. We have been plundered and squandered everything. Now it has become very easy for our enemy to overcome to us.

This is a thinkable point for Pakistan leadership, after the debriefing of cream of Pakistan, who shall offer his services to advance our nuclear programme? Heroes of the Nation has been made zero! On the other hand, India, our hostile country, has given most respect to its scientist by offering the office of the President.

Wednesday February 11, 2004

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