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Relief activities in natural disaster/calamity

Earthquake of 10/8 was the black day of our history. Millions of lives were affected. Thousand of houses were converted into rubble. Deaths, injuries, and homelessness created critical situation. Kashmir and NWFP are the areas, which are effected badly. Apart from the calamity and natural disaster, now the survivors need our immediate attention. They need relief to reduce their panic. First of all we have to wish Almighty Allah to save us from such type of natural disaster and calamities. Following are some measures which must be adhered in relief actives:---

1.      Appeal: Immediately appeal may be made to national as well as international community to provide necessary relief keeping in view of the disaster.

2.      Estimation: Some agency from government may be put into responsibility to estimate the loss and necessities required as remedial measures.

3.      Pulling out from rubbles: People who come down in rubble need our immediate attention to keep them alive. Their instant pulling out from rubble may give them new life.

4.      Medical aid: Medical aid helps in instant recovery of the injured people. Sufficient medicines may be supplied to the effected area to keep the life alive.

5.      Accommodation and food: In such type of earthquake, houses are ruined and food items are destroyed. Survival needs shelter and food. Food must be instant and easy to prepare. Camping sites may be installed to save people from climatic severity. Camping hospital may also be arranged to give medical treatment. Relief goods may include instant food, medicines, water, vaccination, blanket, waterproof tents, kitchen pots, helicopters, machinery for pulling out rubble etc.

6.      Burial: People who have been died must be laid to rest, as soon as possible, with due respects, according to Islamic recites.

7.      Photography: People who are died must be photographed before they are laid to rest. This step confirms their death and proper burial and may satisfy their survivors.

8.      Reconciliation of lost people: Some time people are separated in such a situation. Their reconciliation may be effected as soon as possible.

9.      Restoration of utilities: Electricity, water, gas, sewerage, phone, roads, passages, railway lines, must be restored to speed up relief activities.

10.  Reconstruction: Houses, schools, shopping plazas, fields, offices etc. are integral part of every society. Their reconstruction is guarantee of rehabilitation of afflicted and grief stricken people.

11.  Adoption: Some time all the family is died except a baby, the sole survivor. He needs upbringing. Such babies may be given to issue-less families, after proper investigation, to avoid their abuse.

12.  Fund raising: Where relief items are necessary, there fund may be raised to cope up the reconstruction process.

13.  Helicopters: Mountainous and remote areas where approach is difficult even in normal circumstances, relief cannot be dispatched without helicopters. Helicopters may overcome this situation. They may be arranged in huge quantity.

14.  Subsidies: This is an act of Government to reduce burden from the people who are desirous to provide relief. Certain taxes and levies may be reduced to encourage relief activities. Shopkeepers should avoid profit margin.

15.  Preventive measures: Where people provide relief, there may be some people who may abuse the relief items. Keep eye on the people who get benefit from such a critical situation. Spurious NGOs may be prohibited to raise funds or items.

16.  Organization: Volunteers must be organized to provide help to affected people. People from schools, colleges, universities, and government offices be spared for assistance in effected areas.

17.  Temporary migration: All the affected people may be shifted from their native areas to safe areas. This step will save them from the severity of the climate. Big grounds, stadiums, parks, schools, colleges, universities, and hotels may be used to accomplish this task. People may be retained there until they recover and their houses are built at their native places.

These are some suggestions, which may be beneficial to rehabilitate the affected people. Almighty Allah may save us from disasters and calamities. Aameen.

Sunday October 16, 2005

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