Last Updated: Wednesday March 24, 2004

Encroachment on Green Belt

Wahdat Colony is a colony meant for government servants. It contains a green belt meant for general public and not for particularly for the dwellers of Wahdat Colony. Mostly inhabitants of the colony belongs police and judiciary departments.

Some residents have encroached the area of green belt which is near to their residences and they have bordered it by planted wall and locked it restricting general public to enter into it.

It is open violation of the rights of entry into the places which is meant for the general public.

This is Constitutional right of every citizen of Pakistan as everybody is allowed to access to public places for which proceeds come from public. Discrimination is not allowed on grounds of residence or place of birth, whereas this violation can be observed at Wahdat Colony, Lahore.

Relevant authorities are requested to please get rid of people of surrounding areas from the encroachment of the people of Wahdat Colony, Lahore, so that they may easily access the green belt which is their Constitutional right.

Thursday March 24, 2004

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