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Fatima Memorial Hospital – A death spot for sick people

My beloved son Talha/Abdullah was born on September 15, 2003 – Raj’ab-ul-Murajab 17, 1424 and passed away on October 14, 2003 – Shaba’an-ul-Moaz’zam 17, 1424, i.e., 14 days prior to Ramzan-ul-Mubarak. He remained under treatment in Fatima Memorial Hospital, 1 – Shadman, Lahore, for 17 days, i.e., from September 28, 2003 till his death. He was 29 days old. He was initially admitted in New Natal Ward (Out Born Nursery) on the complaint of vomiting and motions. On Sunday October 12, 2003, he was transferred to Paeds – ICU of the same hospital on the complaint of bleeding from his nose while nebulization. My wife and I observed bleeding early in the morning while nebulization on suspicion that he was not weeping. He was weeping on last preceding nebulization. Dr. on duty was sleeping. Staff Nurse Ms. Nurgis called the duty doctor, who shifted our son in Paeds – ICU where he strained every nerve to survive but failed.

It is important to mention here that once a Surgeon was called to check Talha, who visited the Talha after 48 hours, whereas his Consultant was called on Sunday October 12, 2003, early in the morning when the complaint of bleeding was observed but he visited the patient at 10:00 pm on the same day.

No one took the care of patient about the presence or non presence of fungus in his mouth at earlier stages when it was controllable. But at later stage, when the case was gone out of their reach, they announced the presence and rapid growth of fungus in his body and face. They did not send the sample in laboratory to test the presence of fungus at earlier stages but at later stages, when it was grown up, according to their opinion. Report of the fungal attack came out after his death, which was negative.

At 07:00 pm on Thursday October 09, 2003, a lady doctor Ms. Shumaila, advised suction but physically suction took place at 10:00 pm on the same day by a helper Ms. Sadia. Duty Nurse was Ms. Rukhsana. During the suction process, my wife observed the presence of blood. On the very next day, on Friday October 10, 2003, early in the morning, my wife and I observed the appearance of a spot on the left cheek of the baby and brought this matter into the notice of duty nurse and doctors who took it casually. Again in the afternoon, it grown rapidly and covered most of the left cheek but doctors again took no notice against our complaint and replied that we will observe that how much it grows till next morning.

When the patient was shifted in the Paeds – ICU, doctors thought the presence and rapid growth of fungus and gave to the patient very high potency life saving drugs to cover up their negligence. They sent sample to laboratory for test to assess the presence of fungus which was reported negative after his death. Doctors could not perceive the presence of the fungus at earlier stage when the patient was admitted in the hospital and did nothing in this respect. They suspected it at belated stage when its coverage became impossible.

Each and every report of the patient came OK according to the statements of the doctors and they never suspected the presence of fungus. If the fungus was present in the body of the patient, it should be diagnosed at earlier stages and treated properly. Throughout while admission, doctors gave to the patient blind treatment without assessing his actual problem.

It is notable thing that Injection of Maxi Pime 500 mg, which was to be administrated in four equal doses, i.e., 125 mg. each with eight hours duration in 32 hours, was consumed within 12 hours. It was brought into the notice of duty doctors but in the vain.

Laboratory reports are prepared at delayed time which causes problem in the proper treatment. When doctors need report earlier, some time it is observed that laboratory technicians communicate old report rather fresh which causes problem in proper treatment. Time and again it happened in our case. Many times prior to death of Talha, Allah saved our son but the hospital left no chance in the administration of wrong medicines.

On Saturday October 04, 2003, Dr. Rasheed Khawar, Consultant, discharged the patient being alright, but the patient could not be released upon the active intervention of Dr. Rizwan, who remained  absent from the hospital in the next following week till the death of Talha.

Once a time, very first time, when patient was required to be administrated with blood of A+ group, we arranged a blood donor having A+ blood group. He was tested and declared having A+ blood group. I sent back another blood donor advising him standby. When the second Laboratory Technician took over charge, he declared the blood group of the donor O+. By Grace of Almighty Allah, the donor to whom I sent back had mobile phone and had not reached too away. In the moment, I called him; he reached and donated the blood. His blood was then taken to Sheikh Zaid Hospital for separation of blood cells but they demanded two to three hours for the process. Then blood was taken to Hameed Latif Hospital, who separated the cells within fifteen minutes. Blood was administrated instantly to the patient. It was duty of the FMH for the separation of blood cells but they can do so in twelve hours. Their efficiency can be judged, as how the patients suffer.

This hospital is supposed a Trust Hospital, i.e., free for the deserving patients, but I have personally seen, that a deserving attendant was literally weeping when hospital administration refused to administer their Neo Natal with oxygen unless payment is made. Preventive measures as to save the body of patient lack and profitability is considered very much important. Whenever attendant feels not well while attending the patient, he or she is not provided with any first aid unless payment is made. A cardiac patient who was attendant was provided with medical aid upon payment. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I handled that case upon payment by the money which I had at that time. No one can imagine to avail medical treatment if he has not cash. Cash is the only opening door of this hospital. If one do not has cash, he has to really suffer.

Attendants of Neo Natal are removed from Nursery for a long time during cleaning while they need attendance and feeding. Attendants are treated harshly particularly in morning time. Attendant and patient relationship is ignored while giving treatment to Neo Natal. Emotions of attendants of infants are injured badly.

Neo Natal are considered object for the experiment for junior doctors. They take important decisions without consulting their seniors. Once a time stomach of my baby was washed out without having any advise from senior doctor.

Corridors are improperly cleaned by their janitorial staff leaving behind dusty particles. Dustbins are not replaced within proper timing. There is no arrangement for the cleaning of used clothes of Neo Natal.

If the patient is recovered and reached at home well, it is his luck, good fortune, and miracle, otherwise hospital leaves nothing undone to put him into earth.

Thursday October 23, 2003

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