Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Enlightened Modernization

Recently an Urdu drama serial “Yaadain” (æÍeBÍ) gone on air at PTV which was private production. It contained controversial theme as to marriage between foster brother and sister. Two babies were born on same day in the same hospital. One of them was baby boy and other one was baby girl. Both were managed to exchange. Both were grown up in different families under the different family heads. Although suckling was not discussed in drama, but it has created doubt/suspicious in the minds of thinkers and there is reason to believe that fosterage was developed between them on the ground of suckling, therefore impediment was created between them. Islam doesn’t allow such marriage. Suckling is neither admitted nor denied specifically. Both the family in drama allowed this marriage which is against the Islamic Injunctions among the other social norms of the all societies in the world. This is condemnable. All the Muslim Scholars are invited to discuss the matter in the light of Islamic Injunctions. PTV was contacted to clarify such matter but they refused to clarify the matter. Measures may be taken to avoid such type of incidents.

Sunday April 13, 2008

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