Last Updated: Wednesday March 24, 2004

Disposal of by Fire

Massive staff of corporation is engaged to dispose of garbage. They pick it up from different locations of the city and dispose it of on the points meant for them. Putting the garbage into fire to get rid of rather its disposal of by way of carriage is prohibited at law. It causes air pollution as well as inconvenience to the inhabitants of the locality and passerby also.

I have personally seen the occurrences in the most parts of the Ichhra, Rehmanpura, Wahdat Colony, and even in Gulberg localities in Lahore. They put the shoppers and other plastic items into fire along-with torn leaves. They reduce into size their work by this way.

Staff of the corporation is involved into it. Despite they educate general public, they themselves do otherwise. They cause air pollution which further causes different diseases.

It is my humble request to corporation authorities for cope up with this problem to get rid the general public from its evil consequences.

Thursday March 24, 2004

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