Last Updated: Thursday February 12, 2004

Hidden Enemy – Iran

Iran has proved that she is purely Shia and anti Sunni State. Pakistan has been maintaining good relationship with Iran but Iran has ignored everything and betrayed later. Iran has made Pakistan helpless. We have lost our hopes to depend on our Muslim Brothers. Where Muslim Brothers have been lost? Irani act has caused overwhelmed with trouble. Iran was our Muslim, neighbour, brother, and friend state. Mere an act has vanished every thing.

Probably Iran has followed theory of Musharraf that, “Pakistan my life, Pakistan first” in shape of “Iran my life, Iran first”. What conformity! One Muslim has caused trouble to another Muslim who assisted him in self reliance. We have earned/received enmity in reply of love! Iran has proved that national interest is prior and Islamic passions/emotions come later and can be altared.

Iran was presumed having firm stand against American aggression but found a very weaker state.

Wednesday February 11, 2004

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