Last Updated: Thursday January 15, 2004

Honour-able acquittal

According to a newspaper, higher Court of Pakistan has not only acquitted the French Journalists from their charge, but government has also not contested the case at higher level. Mere payment of two hundred thousand each fine has concluded the case at once. Our nationals are being victimized internationally in suspect of terrorism but our government is committed to honour the convicts. How a Pakistani may feel respect where our own government is friend of those who are our enemy? Aliens are becoming friend and natives are being disregarded.

News has not disclosed about those who were local and had also abetment in the same offence. We don’t know whether they have been released or still behind the bars. This is a clear hypocrisy. We have been used to it. We kill our nationals for the achievement of pleasure of those who are used to kill us. How we wise are?

Where any alien is found guilty at our soil, i.e., Pakistan, he receives protocol, but when a Pakistani becomes alien in other countries, he is charged under the offences which they have had not committed. Conviction upon innocence has made them ashamed and they are lowered in the eyes of others. Rather they are defended they are left at the mercy of our enemies. Our government has also not spared Dr. Qadeer, who is our national hero, how we may expect the respect of those who respect him, who follow him. We offer our land to those who search their enemies at our cost. They disregard our loving ones. Now aliens have changed their strategy and have assigned their tasks to us. Now we complete their incomplete agenda. We complete their mission. We kill our people.

It is true that beggars do not earn respect but are driven out. They earn ignominy. We have not set any example to take over our nationals who commit offence at the place of others but we have handed over so many heinous criminals to others without agreement on extradition. It should be kept in mind that beggar remains beggar. Unless we become rich, we cannot find our lost respect. Emel Kansi was detained at our soil but the detainers were strangers. He was convicted with death penalty. We release criminals denying the requirements of justice. Law saves stronger and punishes weaker. Law is a shield for lawbreakers.

Almighty Allah helps those who help themselves. We shall receive repentance unless we prepare otherwise. It is not an easy job but it is the only solution. We have to think about our present direction and have to move toward right path. Diversion is digging a new earth but it is guarantee of the discovery of hidden treasures. We have to achieve our desired position at own. No one will help us except our own determination. All may help us to bring prosperity.

Thursday January 15, 2004

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