Last Updated: Friday December 26, 2003

Hypocracy of Rulers

On the one hand president of Pakistan has voluntarily made an offer to India for the withdrawal UNO Resolutions over Kashmir which is supposed fair solution to decide the Kashmir fate. UNO Resolutions are in accordance with the general principles of justice according to which East Tamor was (so called) benefited. India is also consenting party in these Resolutions of UNO.

On the other hand prime minister of Pakistan has strongly alleged the need of strict compliance of UNO Resolutions over Kashmir.

President of Pakistan has also expressed that if such proposed flexible plan is not followed, then it will cause severe harm to whom who are “Rule Lovers”!

We are unable to understand whether this politics in Pakistan is being carried on the instance of America or otherwise! What are its perspectives, no one knows.

It is news that government of Pakistan has removed the replica of Shaheen Missile from the way of Indian prime minister to avoid his expected irritation/unlikeness but on the other hand Indians have tested another missile before the inauguration of SAARC Conference. What is good retaliation!

Pakistan has unilaterally has ceased the fire on Kashmir but Indian have taken this as opportunity to fence the Line of Control. It does not aim to stop so called infiltration but to shape it out complete and permanent border line between two countries.

Mr. General, don’t forget that India and Pakistan are not only two different countries but two distinct ideologies which cannot be joint with unnatural relationship. His policy is test of the tolerance of Kashmiris. Idea of common currency and open border is fatal in the perspective of Pakistan ideology.

Fabricated and planted video film of Taliban is another drama which is played to achieve the pleasure of foreign rulers/lords and to show them loyalty. Let see when Pakistan government hands over the French Journalists to government of France! We don’t know whether agreement of extradition exists between the two countries.

Invitation to bollywood film actresses is another effort to wash out the minds of Pakistani people which are made out over Kashmir.

Government of France has plannned enactment to prohibit the religious dressing and signs but our rulers have not spoken even single word against such policy of France. It is against recognized principles adopted by UNO. Also principles of secularism do not allow such policy.

Government of India does not grant holidays on Eid Festival for its Muslim subjects whereas Government of Pakistan has granted first time in Pakistan one additional holiday to its Christian subjects who are minority. This is unclaimed holiday so far as our knowledge is concerned. It may be try to please Christian lords. Muslims are not minority in any part of the world however they are “Nation” whereas all the non-Muslims are minority on every part of the world where they are not in majority. Pakistan government does not learn lesson from international treatment against Muslims.

Present agreement between government and Mu’thidda Majlis-e-Am’mal (MMA) is still not surety to restore so called democracy in its truer sense. President has reserved the right to decide exact date to peel off/remove uniform and discard the military rank of Army Chief. It is before the time to express confidence on government to come on track.  A president who had demolished the heavy mandate by playing so called hijack drama of plane cannot be relied upon until he peels off/removes his uniform, leaves military rank, and does not adopt the other ways to linger on his rule.

Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan even in contrast of Hindus’ firm disagreement but our government is spreading the discarded ideas which he had adopted before joining Muslim League. Our President Musharraf is trying to become Hindu Muslim Ambassador.

December 19, 2003

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