Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Loosing Islamic Identity

Pakistan is rapidly ceasing to be an Islamic State allowing Shias’ to perform their religious rites overriding Islamic ones. Though Islamic State recognizes the freedom of religious rites apart from Muslims, but openly mourning and taking out horse alleging having origin of the religious/holy war among Muslims in Karbala is not warranted in Islam.

Non-prejudiced research has doubted even the existence/fight of such alleged war in Karbala. Water was available even on two or three feet’s depth.

It is also unwarranted by the Quran. Killing of one Muslim without any lawful justification is the greatest offence in Islamic Society, consequence of which is putting in the hell forever. It cannot be believed upon that Muslims would have been killed their own class without any lawful justification. Quran recognizes their relationship as soft as silk among themselves, but they are hardened upon enemies of Almighty Allah.

Mourning is an act of those who want to set the Islamic Society decline and turning up the state based on so called privileged class/sect.

This is the revival of that thing to whom Islam had shattered/broken into pieces. There is no concept of such type of privileged class in Islam.

For God’s sake, save Pakistan’s identity of being an Islamic State and avoid such type of religious liberty/freedom. Make the Pakistan as an Islamic Society rather sectarian.

Wednesday March 03, 2004

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