Last Updated: Tuesday October 19, 2004

Investment in Land

Almighty Allah has created land and bestowed to His People. It aims to live in and nothing else. Hazrat Umar (ra) said, “Land is of Allah, People are of Allah, therefore the land of Allah should remain for the People of Allah”.

Acquisition of property is also fundamental right of human being and protected under Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This protected right needs some more protection under general laws to protect people whose income is meager.

A new phenomena has developed and they have invested in property. “Golden chance for investors” can be read and seen in every advertisement of property. People have made the property subject of investment. And such investment has encroached the proprietary right of people which is protected under Constitution.

It is thinkable point that what the protection of proprietary rights have given to its subject who needs property for shelter and/or business? It has made the life miserable of common people.

Whether the land is subject of investment? Keep in mind that acquisition and disposal of land is constitutional right of very citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan! Detailed reply is required either in religious or secular manner, but in any case reply should be based on wisdom/good conscious/logic/rationale. Also keep in mind that acquisition of land only for the purpose of investment is deprivation of other people who are in need for th4eir genuine needs. Genuine need includes residence, business, or cultivation. Whether such deprivation is warranted in law? What is fair solution to get rid of such deprivation? All the scholars are invited to find out its solution.

October 19, 2003

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