Last Updated: Tuesday January 20, 2004

Kashmir Cause

Kashmir cause is as old as the emergence of Pakistan itself. More than fifty five years have gone but the dispute of Kashmir remains there. This dispute was came out due to uneven partitioning of the sub-continent by the English Rulers with the connivance of Hindus and Sikhs. Kashmir was sold once on very cheap price. Its people have being disregarded.

Kashmir is a valley of deep waters and flowers. Its dwellers are loving and good hosts. They love to live with Pakistan. Their religion and strategic location make them nearer to Pakistan. They are Pakistani generation to generation. They pass on their dreams to new generation.

Two big wars have been fought between Pakistan and India on this issue leaving it as such. UNO have passed so many resolutions to resolve the matter with the wishes of Kashmiri People. UNO has recognized the right of self determination of Kashmiri People but India is the major hurdle in doing so. Big powers also do not want to contribute in its fair solution provided the bargaining is made in their favour.

UNO has treated the Kashmir dispute discriminately with respect to East Tamor which was resolved instantly although it was so called and fabricated dispute. Since the Christian world was interested to stab Muslim Country, that’s why they intervened in its separation from Muslim Country. They know that the Kashmir dispute is on the same footing which needs prior solution but the have criminally negated this one.

The actual hurdle which prevents its fair solution is that its unification with Pakistan shall prove the Two Nations’ Theory which is the poison for non-believers. So many human bodies have been consumed and so many women have been disgraced to see the results.

It is our own duty to stress on its fair solution claiming the Two Nations’ Theory. Non-believers want to wipe off the Islamic Ideas. Non-believers are not fair to us and we have alone to discover and utilize our own potential. Our status of the atomic country shall remain incomplete unless we suppress the evil powers.

We have not to seek the results merely in the UNO Resolutions but we have to struggle to achieve our objectives to complete Pakistan. Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir. It is not only to show our deep concern on Islamic Ideas but Kashmir is full of natural wealth. It contains head works for our rivers. Families are divided into two different zones. Pakistan’s firm and principle stand over Kashmir may only take it out from crucial situation.

Every Pakistani and Kashmiri think in such a way that “Kashmir will be Pakistan”! We have to convert their dreams into veracity. They have given their blood and we have to give them results. Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan. Kashmir has became flash point and burning issue of the time. Deviation from UNO Resolutions shall injure the struggles over Kashmir.

January 14, 2004

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