Last Updated: Sunday March 21, 2004

Extra Judicial Killings

World has seen the Afghan and Iraq war with the eyes of America. They seen whatever Americans have get them seen the picture. Same technology is being employed in WANA search operation for so called “Terrorists” who were “Patriot” earlier. Their loyalties have been dissolved before obedience of America. Previously they were called “Martyrs” when they were killed, but now they are called “Killed”!  Previously their life was taken by Russian Army but now we are self! Pakistanis don’t know that whether “Terrorists” are present in WANA? If so, how they are determined as “Terrorists”? Who is killing them, whether Pakistan Army as in Indian Army in India or some other factors are involved? To whom these alleged “Terrorists” have caused loss? Whether to Pakistan or America? If they are anti-Pakistan, whether government has prepared any such plan to eradicate them from Lahore and Karachi etc.? Pakistani judiciary has not taken Suo Motu action against such unauthorized/unwarranted killings! Pakistanis are constrained to think about such killings in negative. Pakistan has become American dominion! Pakistani Government has American optics! They see whatever such optics get them seen. What will bring this love affair for us in due course of time?

All the Non-Governmental Organizations of the World are now mute on the violations of Human Rights in Afghanistan, Iraq, India, and Pakistan (WANA). They were active during the so called “Freedom” of East Tamor but now their offensive silence on the matter is meaningful. They collect funds from governments and work for them. They don’t have any concern for the purpose they aimed in their manifestos. Their mottos are mere empty slogans.

Saturday March 20, 2004

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