Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004

Matching Number Plates

Under the Motor Vehicles’ Ordinance, 1965, colour of number plats and writing has been defined. There is distinction between private vehicles and commercial and their respective colour of number plates. Now-a-days, a new trend has emerged. Matching colour of number plates is being used, whereas it is clear cut violation of traffic laws. Police does not make any challan to those who violates in big cars but poor drivers are being challaned. High officials of the traffic police should take strict action for the compliance of law.

It is also notable thing that use of plastic number plates is prohibited at law under section 32 of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965, whereas prestige car are using frequently plastic number plates but no one is taking cognizance of it. Poor car owners or motorcyclists are main target of traffic police. Higher Police Authorities are requested to take action against prestige car owners so that law and order should be maintained without any prejudice. Discrimination between poor and rich should be avoided as law does not regard personality. It is also in contrast of the Constitutional provisions. Police should show courage to enforce law in its truer sense disregarding personalities.

Wednesday April 28, 2004

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