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Engineered/ostentation representation

Under the umbrella/garb of government, president has an agreement with opposition of MMA to face the election for the office of president again. Musharraf has secured his office as president first and then he will decide to leave his other office as Army Chief. He will decide his fate his own. Today president will seek vote of confidence without any other contestant. It is one man show. How we may paint the picture of Islamic society, we have, even, not achieved the minimum level of western democracy.

Protected election under the secured office of army chief is mere show. This office shall remain incredible in the presence of privileged election. It can be termed maximum selection rather election. President has used the Prime Minister as a step to achieve the respective office of Pakistan. Such an act of Musharraf has made the image of democracy in Pakistan doubtful being salable item. Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam is still in search of its true successors. We may, but are not!

Whether it is greatness of president to offer the contest for the office of president again in the presence of same office? Whether president would like to resign first to contest the proposed election?

January 01, 2004

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