Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Privileged war

American tires to make so-called efforts to implement democracy where oil resources are available. Desserts without any natural resources need more democracy, civilization, liberation, information, food, life saving drugs. They do not need missiles, air and ground attacks, and disinformation. Americans are assassins of innocent Iraqi people. Attack on maternity hospital instead of health facility is one example of American cruelty. Does the breaking down of world opinion is democracy or tyranny? This is totally privileged war.

America is doing its best to retain its number one position in the world against its new rival Euro.  Americans affirm the liberation of Iraqi people but who will liberate the UNO from American encroachment?

People need democracy, food, liberty, information but American supply imperialism, starvation, slavery, and disinformation. American destroys the water reservoirs and supply canned water. Bullet instead of bread is fired!

Now technology is competing with emotions. World shall soon see the quality difference. One Nation having Weapons of Mass Destruction is going to destroy the Weapons of Mass Destruction of another Nation against which no evidence has been sought out.

Upon the news of suicide attacks of Iraqis, UNO Secretary General has termed them Terrorism being American stooge. May we ask from him what American act is termed?

Europeans are now slipping away from their firm anti war stand. It implies that Americans have assured them to protect their interests after utopian victory in Iraq. They have kept in view of the strong Muslims’ defence against imperialism. They are afraid of Muslims’ Power against exploitation.

UNO has lost its legitimacy therefore its all resolutions have been ceased to exist.

Americans do not draw any distinction between killing of civilian and military casualties. They just consider it collateral losses. Allah may give strength to people to differentiate between freedom fighting and terrorism.

April 07, 2003

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