Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Condition of the Social Security Hospital, Multan Road, Lahore

Security to the worker of a society is the fundamental objective of the Social Security Hospitals. Billions of the funds are accumulated in the head of Social Security Contribution from all over the Pakistan. This hospital is supposed one of the best hospital in the cadre. Hospitals are the palaces where injured people are treated. Place of treatment itself should also be well treated and managed. Highly skilled professionals, quality medicines & tests, properly managed premises, and commitment is the fundamental requirement to achieve the required objectives. Question arises whether this hospital meets such requirements?

Following few lines shall highlight the area, which is required attention of the higher but competent authorities. These lines are come out from the visit of Cardiology Section.

Floors, doors, bathrooms, door glasses, walls, buckets, and dustbins etc. are found dirty and broken. No one takes care of it and leave it as such. Plaster of the walls is falling down. Paint of the doors getting decay. Bed sheets are not regularly washed as required.

Beds are found without tray on which medical history of the patient is placed with an exception of the Coronary Care Unit (CCU).

In any standard hospital no one enters into CCU, without any exception, wearing his own shoes. Special clean shoes are used to enter into it after washing hand on the basin provided for it. Its strict compliance ensures prevention of spreading germs and expeditious recovery of the patients. One attendant in CCU is allowed in all government and private hospitals. This hospital unfortunately lacks these measures. There is not bathroom in CCU. It is amazing!

Broom is used to sweep the premises, which causes the environment and all around the place dustiest despite its cleaning. All the hospital garbage and waste is accumulated under the stairs allowing the growth and spread of germs. It can also be seen in all over the hospital. Its proper disposal lacks. There are not modern equipments to provide quality janitorial services.

Chairs are not provided for attendants either in CCU or other Cardiology Wards both in male and female. Some benches are available which are also dog eared.

Proper light arrangements lack in the nursing station outside the CCU. It remains dark whole of the time. Bulb does not shine. Proper connection has become out of order. Nursing Station within CCU is highly unsuitable keeping in view of the conditions of the CCU Patients. Its view is highly unprofessional and leaves the impression of the office of sanitary worker.

Bathrooms in the wards are found dirty and water flowing. There is no concept of soap placing on basins. Bathrooms are very small in size. Commode system is not available which must be available in all wards for the patients who are in need of it.

Contractor of the Cycle Stand overcharges despite of complaints. Several complaints could not serve the purpose to mend his way. He charges Rs. 5/- against the parking of motorcycle despite of Rs. 3/- which is the contractual rate. Tin tokens are issued despite of properly printed tickets. Cars which are not parked and used to move the patients are also charged with full amount.

Insufficient male and female staff works to attend the patients. No male and female governess/servant is available to manage bedpans. Cabin system is one of the requirement to regard strict decency when any serious patient needs to make water or stool on bed. CCU is very small in size.

There is no proper connection of dispensary with the CCU which may cause damage of the medicines during the raining.

Hygienically clean drinking water is requirement of every human being. Cooler is installed, without filters, too away from CCU adjacent to Public Toilet, which remains full of water, mud, stool, and hospital waste such as syringes etc. It cannot be approached easily in bad weather condition. This place also remains full of bad odor coming out from bathrooms.

Most of the patients require wheel chair for different movements such as shifting from one ward to another, to approach bathrooms, and open environment some times. Available wheel chairs are broken partly and their use may cause injury to the already injured patients.

Hospitals are supposed animal free zones but cats can be seen wandering in CCU and Emergency Ward! Is it imaginable?

Common food is not considered fit for patients but special food is provided to them in all standard hospitals. Food is not provided to patients in this hospital at all despite of commitment, which can be read from the Ambulances of the hospital. Patients are put into compulsion to take their food from canteen which also reflects the view of the hospital given in these lines.

Mostly patients come from remote areas with their attendants. Attendants cannot pass the whole of time with their patients. How they pass night, they know well. They are left at the mercy of Almighty Allah.

Gas heaters are used to warm up the wards, which is also big source of the production of dangerous gases. On the same way air coolers provide cool air in the summer season. Both the systems are undesirable for the patients.

Where the funds of billion rupees are utilized? Recovery system of the Social Security Contribution is very strict. Nothing can be left unclaimed, then how the condition of the hospitals is too worst?

However in all over the hospital, only mosque is one of the place, which is beautiful and well managed with slight exception. It contains wide and clean bathrooms with lighting arrangements. Mosque also includes carpets, lights, coolers, heaters, wall clocks, little but beautiful woodwork, windows, exhausts, Air Conditioners, Globe Light, geyser, gas lamps etc. In short, it is good looking.

Once the female administrator of the hospital was approached and some problems of the immediate nature were brought into her knowledge. She replied that people do not complain of the defects then how we may resolve them? Whether administrative matters should be brought into the knowledge of the management by the patients? Whether management should not adhere of them?

Responsible authorities are hereby invited to contribute in the elimination of the flaws and put their efforts to make this hospital exemplary.

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