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Towards Pro-India

According to a newspaper’s report, Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has decided to purge the anti-India portion from the curriculum books of Pakistan. Would India also do so? Already Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has decided to flush out the Islamic concept of Jihad (“Struggle” or “Armed War”) from not only from curriculum but from all banners and literature whatsoever is. This is all to please our “My Lords”! Sooner a time shall come when we shall learn how to dance, sing, dodge the beautiful girls etc. Our National days will be 15th August and 14th February (being “Basant”). Our ceremonial days will be Mother Day, Father Day, Holi, and Valentine Day. Our dress shall be short dress both for males and females. Our society shall be sex free. Our drinks will be wine, whiskey, beer etc. Our food will consist on pig, dog, donkey, and snake etc. Our heroes will be Ghirdahri Lal, Panna Lal, Nehru, Gandhi etc. Our National game will be dancing. Our names shall be Lalu Parsad, Shastri, Tota Ram etc. Our youth shall wear shorts. Our WORSHIP shall be visitation to Temples. Our holy book will be Bhajans, Geeta, and Prans.

It is a step towards to make Pakistan a Qadiani State which could not be done by the Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani even with the active association of then Rulers, i.e., British. Pervaiz Musharraf is a name of movement to complete the incomplete agenda of Qadianis. Islamic identity of Pakistan is being deteriorated/declined.

May be America would not allow to diminish border line between India and Pakistan. But regardless that geographical border will remain there on the grounds that each one may counter to other in order to achieve the motives of America; there shall be no substantial difference between India and Pakistan. May be there shall be no need of visa to frequent traveling between the two parts of the sub-continent! 

We shall discard everything but our discarded things will not be adopted by the other side. It is victory of India and all its allies, i.e., America, Jews, and Europe.

Musharraf has said that we will not allow alien army to take action against terrorists in Pakistan particularly in Wana, South Wazirastan. However we shall facilitate alien army by pushing their desired people towards the side where alien army shall hunt them there. We shall remain wrongdoers without losing heaven.

Our Muslim Government is treating its subjects in Pakistan as the Indian (so called “Secular”) Government treating its subjects in Indian Held Kashmir. Offence of the people from both sides is to agitate against the inhuman treatment of different governments such as America in Afghanistan and Iraq and India in Indian Held Kashmir.

Wednesday March 18, 2004

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