Last Updated: Tuesday January 13, 2004

Speed Breakers

Speed-breakers are the structures specially designed for the busy roads and markets. They meant to break speed where so required to avoid possible accidents. Their fabrication becomes necessary where generally passersby cross the roads frequently.

Only competent authority is required to do so in the best interest of public to prevent injury to them. Common persons are not meant to do so.

Busy roads and markets are the places where its fabrication is considered necessary to slow down the traffic which may cause accidents.

Where the vehicles do not observe the speed breaking, it may cause damage to the vehicles. When I leave home daily to reach my office, I cross so many speed breakers. They serve as tools to reduce the speed where precautions so require. But their rough fabrication causes too jerks damaging human body structure.

Its true shape includes long slope than its height which enables smooth running of traffic. Vehicles may pass through them easily by keeping the speed slow. Its exact design is very important to achieve its objectives. They are dangerous in safe driving.

Now-a-days everyone has licence to fabricate speed breaker at his own choice at any place he desires. There is no check to its unauthorized fabrication. They do not follow any specification for their fabrication. They also do not give the importance to distance and fabricate speed breakers within short distances.

They do not service as speed breakers but bring embarrassment to travelers. Vehicles meet with jerk while passing them.

Government is required to remove them which are fabricated by public beyond their authority. Punishment should also be inflicted to those who act without authority cause injury to common people. Some penal provisions should be provided in penal code for the convenience of the general public.

January 13, 2004

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