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Threatening Tone of President Musharraf

Now-a-days, President Musharraf is threatening the people of Pakistan against the non-compliance of American wishes failing which may cause bombardment over Pakistan (Almighty Allah may forgive us). Tomorrow America may whish against nuclear programme/mission of Pakistan which may rise the question whether Pakistan may keep continue advancement of its nuclear programme/mission disregarding American wishes? This threat only may advance the need of extension in service. Congratulation on extension in service! But remember, after all service ends and this end may be on the cost of life as General Zia-ul-Haq! It can be said that, “no one can afford enmity of one whose friend is America.”

America has started giving warnings by flying its war planes over Pakistan and alleging the presence of anti-American elements in Pakistan. American is playing King’s hunting techniques by which huntsman remains in safe place and his team counters the tiger unless he reaches before King and King hunts him easily.

Pakistan Government has taken over the responsibility of King’s team who shall push the anti-American elements towards the border of Afghanistan where ready American huntsmen shall hunt them. It’s a commission of sin without losing eden!

It should be kept in mind that America is friend of none except its own interests. It is a country that not only achieves its objectives but soon turns away its eyes from those to whom she takes benefits.

Mr. President, don’t give the lesson to take dead body rather hunter meat to the Eagles of Iqbal. Don’t try to change our habits making compatible with non-believers. Don’t try to turn down morale of the Nation. Beware that Nature take severe revenge from those who fight against Him.

Monday February 23, 2004

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