ABC Chemicals Limited,                                   34 - N, Shadman Colony, Lahore.
1. Name and address of the Industrial or Commercial Establishment:  
2. Nature of the Industrial or Commercial Establishment:   Commercial Establishment.  
3. Name of the employer:   Mr. Nizam-ud-Din Khan  
4. Name of Manager:   Aftab Mirza Khan  
5. Date and Time of the inspection:   Monday April 07, 2003 02:30 PM
6. Date of last inspection:   Sunday April 07, 2002 03:30 PM
7. Maximum number of the workmen employed on any one day of the preceding twelve months with date:   37  
  (a)  Permanent:         37  
  (b)  Probationers:          -    
  (c)  Badlis:            -    
  (d)  Temporary:          -    
  (e)  Casual:            -    
  (f)  Apprentices:          -    
    Total:         37  
8. Number of workers employed on the date of inspection:     37  
9. Have copies of the text of the Standing Orders in English and Urdu in legible conditions been posted up at or near the main entrance of the Establishment and in every department thereof? (Section 5):  
10. Have the Standing Order been modified by means of collective bargaining or otherwise, if so, give details and state if such modification has resulted in diminishing or taking away any of their existing Rights?  
    Not applicable
11. (i) Have the permanent workmen been provided with permanent tickets and departmental tickets? (S. O. 2):   Yes
  (ii) Have the Badli workers been provided with Badli Cards?:   Not Applicable.
  (iii) Have the temporary women been provided with temporary tickets?:   Not Applicable.
  (iv) Have the apprentices been provided with apprentice cards?:   Not Applicable.
  (v) Have the workmen order of appointment/ promotions/transfers in writing showing terms and conditions of service? (S. O. 2(b)?:  
      Not Applicable.
12. (i) Give details of any group incentive scheme in force? (S. O. 10A)?:   Insurance.
  (ii) Have the workers been insured under Compulsory Group Insurance? (S. O. 10E):   Lift/Natural/Accidental Death/Temporary/ Partial /Natural Disability.
13. When does the financial year of the establishment closes?:   December.
14. If  it  has  already  closed  what  amount  of  bonus  is  being  paid?:   No.
15. Have notice boards carrying notices in English and Urdu been maintained specifying:-  
  (i) Periods of hours of work for all classes of workmen in each shift (S. O. 10):   Yes
  (ii) The pay days (S. O. 4):   Yes
  (iii) Unclaimed wage pay day in the week (S. O. 10):   Yes
  (iv) Rate wages payable to all classes of workmen maintained and exhibited at the times keepers office in any or near the main entrance (S. O. 3):  
16. Have notices specifying the holidays been posted on the notice boards? (S. O. 4):   Yes
17. Give details of the paid and unpaid holidays being allowed to workmen according to law contacted custom and usage? (S. O. 8):