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The North-West Frontier Constabulary Act, 1915


[1st October 1915]

An Act to provide for the regulation of the Frontier Constabulary in the North‑West Frontier 2*.

WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for the regulation of the Frontier Constabulary in the North‑West Frontier 2* ; It is hereby enacted as follows :‑

1. Short title extent application and commencement.‑(1) This Act may be called the North‑West Frontier Constabulary Act, 1915;

(2) It extends to the whole of the North‑West Frontier 3*, and applies also to every member of the Constabulary, wherever he may be serving; and

(3) It shall come into force on such days 4[Federal Government] may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint in this behalf.

2. Definition. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,‑--

(a) " member of the Constabulary " means a person other than a person appointed by the 4[Federal Government] who, at the commencement of this Act, is serving in the Frontier Constabulary, or who, after the commencement of this Act, has been appointed to the Frontier Constabulary under this Act and has signed a recruiting‑roll on which the conditions of service contained in the Schedule are set forth:

Provided that every person who has for the space of six months been in the receipt of pay as a member of the Frontier Constabulary and been borne on the rolls of the Frontier Constabulary shall be deemed to be a member of the Constabulary, notwithstanding that he has not signed the said recuriting‑roll:

(b) “Commandant” means a person appointed by the 5[Federal Government] to be a Commandant of the Frontier Constabulary

(c) "active service" means service against hostile tribes, raiders or other hostile persons, or persons co‑operat­ing with or assisting such tribes, raiders or hostile persons:

1For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Gazette of India, 1915. Pt. V, p. 56 ; for Proceedings in Council, see ibid., Pt. VI, pp. 439 and 502.

This Act has been applied to Phulera in the Excluded Area of Upper Tanawal to the extent the Act is applicable in the N.‑W.F.P., subject to certain modifications ; and also extended to the Excluded Area of Upper Tanawal (N.W.F.P.) other than Phulera with effect from such date and subject to such modifications as may be notified, see N: W.F.P (Upper Tanawal) (Excluded Area) Laws Regulation, 1950.

This Act and the rules, notifications and orders made thereunder, as in force in N ‑W.F.P. before the 15th July, 1975, have been applied to all the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas of N‑ W.F.P., by Regulation III of 1975, s. 2 and Sch.

2The original word "Province" omitted by the Central Laws (Statute Reform) Ordinance, 1960 (21 of 1960), s. 3 and 2nd Sch. (with effect from the 14th October, 1955).

3The 15th October, 1915 ; see N‑ W.F.P Gazette., dated 29th Novem­ber, 1915.

4Subs. by F.A.O., 1975, Art. 2 and Table, for "Central Government", which was previously amended by A. O., 1937, for "L. G.".

5Subs. by F.A.O., 1975. Art 2 and Table, for "Central Government' which was previously amended by A. O., 1937, or "L. G.".


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