For Factories     DECLATATION FORM
Employing 50 or more Proforma under various Labour Laws
workers   (To be filled in at the time of declaration)
  Taj Mahal (Private) Company Limited, 34 - FCC, Gulberg II, LAHORE. (Phone 0092-42-5879459)
1. Name and Address of the Factory (Phone No.):  
2. Name of Occupier/Manager:   Mr. Assadullah Jan Mubarak  
3. Registration No.:   IPL/30/1995(67/LHR-2000  
4. Nature of manufacturing process:   Fans, Exhuast Fans, Pipes  
  (Please also identify the principal end product)      
5. Date and time of present declatation:   Friday January 28, 2005 10:00 AM
6. Date of last declaration:   Not Applicable
7. No. of workers/employees at the time of declaration:   51  
8. Whether the workers have been provided with appointment letters:   Yes.
9. Whether all the permanent workmen have been covered under Compulsory Group Insurance (The employer shall have all the permanent workmen employed by him insured against natural death and disability and death and injury arising out of contigencies not covered by the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 (VIII of 1923), or the [Privincial Employees' Social Security Ordinance] 1965 (Standing Order 10-B.   Yes.
10. Whether the workers have been granted Bonus for the last financial year (Give period, rate and total amount of Bonus paid)? (Every employer making profit in any year shall pay [for that year within three months of the closing of] that year to the workmen who have been in his employment in that year for a continuous period of not less than ninety days a bonus in addition to the wages payable to such workmen) Standing Order 10-C.   See instruction No. (1) Yes.
11. Whether gratuity at the ratre of 30 days' wages or Privident Fund is allowed to workers?   Yes, both gratuity and provident funds are allowed.
12. Whether annual leave and other holidays are being allowed?   Yes, as desired.
  Casual Leave 10+Sick Leave (8 on full pay or 16 on half pay)+Earned Leave 14+Festival Holidays as notified by the Government.      
13. If Children are employed, whether they are regulated under Employment of Children Act, 1991?   Children are not employed, yet provisions of the said Act are not applicable.
  Child below the age of 14 is not allowed to be employed in the following processes:---      
  1 Carpet Weaving.  
  2 Cloth printing, dyeing and weaving.  
  3 Cement manufacturing, including bagging of cement.  
  4 Manufacture of matches, explosive and fire works.  
  5 Soap Manufacturing.  
  6 Tanning etc.    
14. Whether all categories of workers are being paid Minumum Wages as per notifications issued by the Government?   Yes, they are being paid accordingly.
  (Minimum Wage for un-skilled workers is Rs. 2,500/- per month)    
15. Are there any workers employed on ove4r time? If yes, whether they are being paid at double the rate of their ordinary wages?   Overtime is not allowed.
16. Whether Canteen has been established and maintained as per Canteen Rules?   Yes
  (Canteen is applicable if 250 or more workers are employed)    
17. Whether Fair Price Shop has been established and maintained according to law and essential items are available for sale to workers?   No, being 100 workers are not employed.
  (Fair price shop is applicable if 100 or more wokers are employed)  
18. In case female workers are employed:---  
  a) Whether they are being provided with maternity benefits?   No famale worker is employed.
  b) Whether working hours, as required under Section 45(b) of the Factories' Act, i.e., 06:00 am to 07:00 pm are adhered to?   Yes
19. Health and Safety Measures:---  
  a) Whether fencing and guarding of machinery has been arranged at the work place?   Yes
    (It includes special permit for work with moving machinery, like electrical wires and heat during work near explosive atmospheres)  
  b) Whether measures have been taken to control worker's exposures to harmful gases, dusts and chemcials?   Yes
    (Measures such as substitution of dangerous materials, local exhaust and general ventilation, use of proper personal protective equipment, enclosure, automation and other engineering controls depending on the situation).    
  c) Whether the precautionary measures have been taken for safety of the workers?   Yes
    (Enginnering and administrative controls like training of workers emergency procedures, first aid arrangements, automatic shut down fire prevention and fire fighting in case of hazardous occupations and processes with temperatures, work with explosive, flamable, toxic and corrsive mateirals).    
  d) Whether appropriate First Aid arramgements have been made?   Yes
  e) Whether separate latrines both for male and female workers have been made available?   Yes, where applicable.
      See instruction No. (2).