Last Updated: Friday March 19, 2004

In the Court of Mr. Farrukh Hussain, Civil Judge, Lahore



Affix here Court Fee of Rs. 2/-



Suit No. _______________ of 2003


Awais Zia and another









Public at Large & others







I/We Lt. Col. (Retd.) Akbar Ali Shah the Answering Defendant No. 4 above-named hereby appoint Mr. Nasir Nazir Butt Advocate and Mr. Muhammad Tariq Munir Advocate of Nasir Law Chambers, 1 Mozang Road, LAHORE, Lahore, in the above mentioned case, to do all or any of the following acts, deeds and things:

1.       To appear, act, and plead for us in the above mentioned case, in this court or any other court in which the same may be tried or heard, and in any other proceedings arising out of or connected therewith.

2.       To sign and verify and file or withdraw all proceedings, petitions, appeals, affidavits, and applications for compromise or withdrawal, or for submission to arbitration of the said case, or any other documents as may be deemed necessary or advisable by them for the conduct, prosecution or defense of the said case at all its stages.

3.       To receive payment of, and issue receipts for, all moneys that may be or become due and payable to us during the course or on the conclusion of the proceedings.

4.       To do all other acts and things that may be deemed necessary or advisable during the course of the proceedings.

5.       To delegate all or any of the above powers to any other legal practitioner.

AND I/We hereby agree:

a)       to ratify whatever the Advocate(s) or his their substitute may do in the proceedings.

b)       not to hold the Advocate(s) or his/their substitute responsible if the said case be proceeded ex parte or dismissed in default in consequence of his absence from the court when it is called for hearing.

c)       that the Advocate(s) shall be entitled to withdraw from the prosecution of the said case if the whole or any part of the agreed fees remain unpaid.

In witness whereof I/We have singed this Vakalatnama hereunder the contents of which have been read/explained to and fully understood by me/us, this 9th day of January 2004 at LAHORE.




Signatures of executant(s)





Accepted by:






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