Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Ban lifting on Kite Flying

There were so many injuries due to kite flying keeping in view of which ban was imposed on it by the District City Government, Lahore. It brought convenience for local residents at Lahore. No injury could take place during this short span. Privacy remained protected. There was prevention of voice pollution as there was no use of noisy horns. As the Basant Ceremony is approaching soon, it is listened that Punjab Government has lifted such ban on kite flying. May be it is effort to please kite flying lovers, but in any case is it undesirable and unhappy decision. It shall reverse all the gains which were result of the ban. Such ban lifting is victory for those who want to keep the people remain in chaotic situation.

May be government could not perceive the fruit which was natural result during the period of ban on kite flying. We are compelled to think abut factors that have motivated in doing so. By the way whether is facilitating the kite flying lovers on the eve of Basant. Basant is the major ceremony which should be prevented but government has given away all the efforts to achieve such object.

Ban on kite flying, manufacturing, selling, flying, displaying, and all such like things must be imposed forever. It should not only be done keeping in view of its injurious aspect but considering it as burden on our economy. Mere economic activity is not justification of its continuance, but it is thought that what this economic activity brings for us taking into account of our literacy rate, un-employment, social and cultural needs, and our ideology as well. If Singapore can ban to manufacture, selling, buying, and consumption of chewing gum in the best and wide national interest, then why not against kite flying? Only courage and determination is required to do so. No one can go against government where government decide against people, particularly where it is so justified. It is redundant activity that can be abated with little bit rigorous action.

Thursday January 21, 2004

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