Last Updated: Saturday June 21, 2008

Challenge to Government’s Writ

Some time ago, (so called) writ of government was challenged particularly in Islamabad where government used heavy weapons with the help of army and maintained government’s writ.

There are some other elements which have challenged the writ of government openly and have insulted the general public by their unilateral decision which amounts challenge to government’s writ.

All franchised routes of local urban transport including Niazi Express at route No. 38, 39, and other routes and all routes covered by BHR Express particularly route No. 9 and 43 have issued a notice for general public which amounts to their insult and defamation. In such notice displayed on buses issued by Chairman and Secretary of Urban Transport Association, Arshad Khan Niazi of Niazi Express and Bashir Hussain Sial of BHK Express have advised general public that government was unable to pay heed for the increase the local urban bus fare in accordance with inflation of fuel price hike/inflation. The Urban Transport Owners’ Association has taken unilateral decision and has increased the buses fare at their own level and has published new tariff list. They have advised general public to avoid quarrel with conductors and drivers if they deem the new fares are not affordable for them and make their alternative arrangements for traveling.

This may be perceived that this is innuendo for poor class who depend on public transport. Government officials should take action to avoid unilateral decision and to main government writ.

Saturday June 21, 2008

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