Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Bush obstinacy

Pigheaded Bush has warned the UNO that new association shall be formed if the war is not sanctioned against Iraq. World should understand that unity of the nations shall cease to exist if the embargo is not sanctioned against America. Existence of the adamant Bush is threat to the peace of whole world. He has endangered peace by presenting the another motion against Iraq without any lawful justification.

America is putting undue pressure on UNO to legitimize its bastered desires comporising on ulterior motives. World should take practicle action against America in case war is imposed against Iraq. America should be sorrounded by UNO forces to threat from remaining away from undesirable war. World must put nose string to Bush.

UNO should take suo motu action to remove Bush from his present position rather concentration on President Sadam. If this action is not taken then the existence of itself UNO shall disappear from the face of earth as it was never existent. Now world has to focus on the American destruction rather war against Iraqi innocent people.

World should not allow Bush to demolish UNO. Unity of the world must be there adhering balance of power to avoid any future apprehension of threat to peace.

March 11, 2003

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