Last Updated: Friday February 06, 2004

Un-Islamic Culture

Pakistan is a creation of Islamic ideology. Islamic society is based upon family system. It is smallest unit of an Islamic society. Two wise and adult make and female constitute a family with a contract of marriage. One couple remains one couple until death of a partner. Intervention of second wife is considered bad without justification. Under certain circumstances a male may have a second wife during the life time of one wife but one wife may not have a second husband unless she takes divorce first. Cohabitation without marriage is prohibited in Islam. These are the reasons by which name of father always remain known. Our pedigree three runs by male member of the family.

There is no concept of family system in un-Islamic society particularly in Europe and America. They recognize the citizens by their mother’s name. Since their fathers’ names remain always un-known, that’s why they use mother name rather father.

Incursion of multinational organizations in Pakistan has caused spread of such an un-Islamic culture here. Multinational banks from Europe and America are used to of aforesaid culture. They are penetrating their un-natural and un-Islamic concepts in our Islamic/Muslim society.

Government of Pakistan should take notice of this proxy war. Scholars should also through light on the importance of family system in such perspective if un-Islamic ideology.

All the forms used in any commercial and business transaction or matters must follow father’s name rather mother.

Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank etc. are responsible. Some Muslim Banks such as Askari and Bank Al-Falah etc. have also used this methodology of recognition. Prevention has become imperative.

Friday February 06, 2004

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