Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Sale of Dangerous Petroleum

In various parts of the Lahore City, shops have been opened for the sale of dangerous petroleum without obtaining prior licence from the competent authority. They don’t have any safety measures in case of fire explosion/outburst. These sales points are located in the congested areas of Lahore. They are causing public nuisance which is offence under certain laws of the land. Violation of law mimics the administration and law enforcing agencies. Their offensive silence on the matter is meaningful.

Great disaster may be caused. This business must be either prevented or regularized. As far as my information on the subject are concerned, storage and sale both are prohibited at law unless prior licence is obtained and safety measures are ensured first. Our present circumstances do not permit such type of business frequently in overcrowded areas.

This evil must be killed before it grows because prevention is better than cure. All the relevant agencies are requested to take expeditious and severe action to eliminate this illegal business.

Wednesday February 11, 2004

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