Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Incomplete war stop efforts

Mere vote against the commencement of war is not guarantee to achieve peace objectives but the active participation of the Big Powers is imperative to preserve good human values. China and Europe are in position to take such initiative to do so. Blood stains of Iraqi innocent people can be seen on the hand of Bush. If the bad habits are not prevented, then bloody hand may reach to the neck of rest of the world and then no one shall come to help the victims. Iraq is under American aggression. She needs help of world for its preservation on Atlas as independent and Sovereign State. If the war is not stopped, the entire responsibility shall rest upon Big Atomic Powers.

Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction about which one’s tale of woe was related? Why the Sadam has not used Germicide and Atomic Weapons against America? Why America is crying to enforce Geneva Convention despite the disregard of UNO Charter?

Voice of Pakistan including NAM and Arab League etc. is weaker to achieve peace objectives. Only Big Powers have capability to save humanity. They should go ahead without wasting time.

March 24, 2003

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