Last Updated: Saturday February 14, 2004

Misconception of France

Muslims are rightly condemning the decision taken by the French Parliament against the wearing of veil/scarf by the Muslim Women. Government of France has reached on very right conclusion that religious sings must be eliminated/eradicated. But so far as wearing of scarf is concerned, it is purely mark of respect or sign of bashfulness of the Muslim Women.

Many people in Punjab wear turban as a symbol of nobility and highness. Many people wear a particular cap in Turkey as a symbol of virtual character or as a mark of respect.

It is true that use of particular turban and cross by the Sikhs and Christians are purely religious signs. But so far as wearing of the scarf is concerned, French government has misconceived its validity in wrong perspective. It is not a religious sign but necessary wearing apparel of Muslim Women implying the nice and pious ladies. It objects to deny all illegal, prohibited, and non-contractual cohabitation/sexual relationship. It is a symbol of bashfulness and modesty. France is a country where there is no ban to offer consent sexual relationship, but such relationship is not allowed by use of force. Therefore, Muslim Women cannot be forced to become object of such prohibited and non-contractual sexual relationship.

French government is required to bring its law within the ambit of secularism. In contrast its status to be a secular state shall become doubtful. Cruel enforcement of law shall cause distrust on government. French government should reconsider its policy so far as use of scarf is concerned. It is not only to be allowed for Muslim Women but it should be extended to other non-Muslim Women who do not want to become subject of unnatural relationship. It should be allowed being the part of dress of Muslim Women.

It is a legal object which should not only be allowed but social norms should be set in a manner to attract other women to follow and use of scarf as mark of respect.

These lines are being written in good faith without disrupting the good relationship with government of France. It merely objects to convey emotions of Muslims to avoid frustration of prevailing environment of trust.

Friday February 06, 2004

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