Last Updated: Saturday March 08, 2008


I want to make it very clear first of all that Alhamd’o’Lillah, I am Muslim and want to remain Muslim. If any Muslim overrules any custom and tradition which is considered part of Islam but is really un-Islamic, he cannot be treated as Infidel. One of the un-Islamic customs is Shab-e-Brat (Night of fate). It is generally said that this is the night in which fate of the people is determined annually. All the people who either have to born or die are determined by the Almighty Allah. This is night of Prayer so that good fate could be decided. Mostly Muslims offer Prayer all the night. The question arises whether Quran has ordered such Prayer in such night? Whether it is Islamic custom? Some questions arise from such being said:

  1. Whether fate is decided annually?
  2. Whether Allah needs such determination annually?
  3. Whether Angles need such determination annually?
  4. Whether fate is not determined once at the birth of baby?
  5. Whether fate can be changed by offering Prayers?
  6. If Prayer can change fate, then whether fate is not unchangeable?
  7. If fate can be changed subsequently then what it does mean that everything is followed by it?

I have observed last such night by hearing blasts of crackers. Many of people were sent for hospitalizations who were victim of celebration.

Some people say that un-Islamic mixing should be isolated from Islamic traditions. Question arises that where the tradition itself is un-Islamic/un-Quranic then how one can say that mixed ideas should be isolated? From where concept of Shab-e-Brat came in Islam? Whether Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) had celebrated this night? This concept of Shab-e-Brat came into Islam from Fire Worshippers, Iran. They worship fire. They passed on this idea to Muslims when Islamic State was down falling after a long historic rise.

I am also victim of its celebration. Neither a person can study nor can he rest. However sometime people are injured even dead. Should its celebration not be discontinued? It is burden not only on our economy but on sacred traditions? Manufacturing of crackers is already prohibited at law but law enforcing agencies are getting sleep since long. Heavy mandate can be demolished but manufacturing, selling, and use of crackers cannot be stopped. Why the responsible agencies/authorities could not take action? I am very right to think about that government takes action only where its interest lies and where such thing lacks government goes into dormant. Whether it can be argued that many people are engaged with this industry? Government has to take severe action against those who make, sell, buy, and use illegal arms including crackers, but we see as a matter of routine that government looks weaker to do so despite of its huge resources.

Whether government lacks resources or there is something wrong? As far as question of mixing of un-Islamic concepts in Islam are concerned, they can be isolated they are mixed in Islamic concepts. But where idea itself is un-Islamic/un-Quranic, it cannot be said that undesirable part should be isolated. Tradition which is un-Quranic must be kept away at once. If the whole Islamic idea cannot be adopted then at least manufacturing, sale, import, and use of crackers must be discontinued. Where sufficient law lacks, it should enacted. Where agencies are sleeping, they should be shaken. This may help in the development of peaceful environment. Relaxation is fundamental right of people protected under law but celebration with terrible blasting is not protected right under constitution.

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