Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

Electricity Tariffs

In modern states, governments provide facilities to its subjects in order to keep them energetic. This is required to achieve their goals, which they set time to time. They avoid hypocrisy, which is Injunctions of Islam. We are followers of Islam but non-Muslims have adopted the golden rules of Allah that has resulted prosperity in their life.

Electricity is fundamental utility in modern life. We can say easily that there is no development where is no electricity. It is also used as raw material in some industries. Tariff has also been a big dilemma in our country. Pakistan is an agricultural country with most modern irrigation system. Hydroelectric costs very low but unfortunately most of our governments have not paid sufficient intention to do so. They remain fail to ascertain available sources and their effective utilization.

Time to time we hear that Wapda has proposed increase in electricity tariffs but Nepra or President have refused to do so. But after some days news is released that rates of electricity have been revised. It is always on higher side. Never they go down.

Some time we are compelled to imagine that this all thing is drama and we all are spectators who can do nothing except watching this unfair game. All the responsible authorities are requested very humbly to keep stop this drama acting and grant relief to suppressed people.

Recently government had refused to increase per unit rates but soon after Mr. President has permitted such increase but at lower rates to avoid criticism.

We cannot afford high rates of electricity. One of the government in past had made contract with one of the multinational power company for the supply of electricity on more or less Rupees five per unit whereas Pakistan is self sufficient in the production and supply of electricity on most economical rates. These words need the kind attention of concerned authorities. People need justice.

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