Last Updated: Thursday January 14, 2010

Threat to Peace

Newspaper has disclosed that America shall take direct action against anybody conceiving threat for herself. No body has condemned, so far, American whishes to become Master of the World. Where is the UNO, the custodian for the peace of world? American existence itself is threat to the peace of the world.

America has tested her strength by making the wild and cruel actions against innocent people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and as well as dead heartedness of the rest of world particularly Muslim World. It has provided an opportunity for American solo flight. Offensive silence of the big powers including Muslims has caused transfer of world leadership in favour of America.

Lost of Wazir

A Wazir (Minister) of Punjab has mingled in the Wazirs of Wazirastan (a tribal area of Pakistan). It is good example of Punjabi Pakhtoon Alliance. Wazir among Wazirs shall help government to search anti state elements from the tribal areas.

Thursday January 29, 2004

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