Last Updated: Thursday September 11, 2003

UNO or Geneva?

America has urged the need to implement Geneva Convention concerning her Prisoners of War. May we know that why the voice is raised to implement Geneva Convention? Why America demands good treatment to its POW? Has America regarded Geneva Convention while treating the POW relating to Afghanistan? This is a world of tit for tat. Nasty Bush is expecting kindness from whom she has targeted too adversely! May we get confirmation that Afghani Prisoners of War are being treated in the same way as America wants for her POW? UNO is behind the Geneva Convention. On the one hand UNO Charter has been torn into but on the other hand Bush has declared that Iraqi soliders are not POW. Is it not double standard? Whole is dishonored but the part is required to be implemented! What a ridiculous demand! What a demand of assassin! On what grounds Pakistan is siding with the Voice of America? Has Pakistan become an agent of America?

This war has provided the opportunity to suppressed nations to drive the last nail in the American Coffin. Where those Weapons of Mass Destruction are which America wanted to confiscate from Sadam? This clearly indicates that American and British are eying for Iraqi Oil and not removal of Sadam for the sake of Iraqis. Also they are protecting to Israel. Now Weapons of Mass Destruction are being used openly to show the authority under Might is Right.

American cares two hoots for UNO. Geneva Convention gets it authority from same UNO. America should ask for that which it deserves.

March 25, 2003

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