Last Updated: Monday September 15, 2003

UNO Role in Iraq

When the America decided to infiltrate her army in Iraq, UNO did never agree its action but opposed, and despite all opposition of world, she disregarded the public opinion. Now America is sole intervening power in Iraq. Her average three or four soliders are losing their lives daily. Now America is in need of UNO Army who may not only protect the interest of America but may provide safeguard to American troops who will remain at back end. American troops shall remain under the shield of UNO Army which possibly shall comprise on Muslim Army. America shall achieve its protection, goals, division of Iraq, and hatred emotions of Iraqi against UNO Army, i.e., Muslim Army. In this perspective, it is therefore, strongly recommended that Pakistan should avoid to send its troops in Iraq either under the flag of UNO or independently. It will cause greater disaster against Pakistani Army in Iraq. India may take advantage of this situation by convincing Iraqis that Pakistani Muslim Army is responsible to kill Iraqis.

In all circumstances, interests of Muslims shall badly suffer. Now American should leave alone to face evil consequences of their obstinacy. America is solely responsible of such a situation which now emerges in Iraq against her. We could not abstain America to intervene in Iraq but now we may leave her alone to suffer against her evil desires. If the American role is totally vanished from Iraq, then there is not harm to send Muslim Troops to provide the Iraqis with political and economical stability.

In the presence of America in Iraq, we cannot provide safety to Iraqi people and also to our forces. Why we should suffer for America?

Christian community should also refrain to send their troops in Iraq in favour of America.

We should leave America alone so that her dead bodies may reach in America. It will cause distrust of Americans over American illegitimate government.

September 15, 2003

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