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Author is law graduate (Legum Baccalaureus), from the Punjab University Law College, Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Author is also MA (Political Science) and MBA (Finance). Author is practicing lawyer being member of Nasir Law Associates. Free legal aid is available for those who are really needy and deserving.

All notes of LL. B. which were prepared during the study session now have been incorporated in this web site for the utilization of students.

Every student of law generally and students of the Punjab University Law College, particularly may utilize these notes.

Please let us know any error or mistake, if any. Also comment on these notes through e-mail. Your comments shall help us in improvement and updation of these notes. You are not required to pay anything except in term of comments and suggestions.

This is serious effort to help out those students who cannot afford to consult number of books but need assistance in preparation of examination.

Some national and international laws and rules are uploaded for legal education.

Do utilize notes and pray for author and his family’s good fortune, long life, and health.

Disclaimer: We are not Nasir and Nasir Law Firm which is authorized to verify documents of Wilson and Walker, Canada. Address of the Nasir and Nasir Law Firm is Kashif Chambers, 6-Lodge Road, Lahore-Pakistan. Contact No. 042-37352277, 042-36131665, 0321-8300140.



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