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[1][1]The Punjab Secretariat Allowance (Withdrawal) Act, 1997

(Pb. Act I of 1998)

[19 January 1998]

An Act to provide for the withdrawal of the Secretariat Allowance

Preamble.— Whereas the Government of Punjab had made provisions for the payment of an allowance called Secretariat Allowance to all Secretariat employees;

            And whereas it is expedient to withdraw the said allowance to remove discrimination among employees:---

            It is hereby enacted as follows:---

1.         Short title and commencement.— (1) This Act may be called Punjab Secretariat Allowance (Withdrawal) Act, 1997.

            (2)        It shall come into force at once.

2.         Withdrawal of Secretariat Allowance.— (1) Government of Punjab Finance Department’s letter No.FD.PC-2-1/88, dated 08-08-1988 hereinafter referred to as the “said letter” which provided for the payment of an allowance called Secretariat Allowance @ 20% of the basic pay to all employees in the Punjab Government Secretariat, Governor’s Secretariat, Chief Minister’s Secretariat and Punjab Provincial Assembly Secretariat being discriminatory shall be deemed never to have been issued.

            (2)        The said letter shall be deemed not to have created any right in favour of any person and the Government was not liable to pay Secretariat Allowance on the basis of the said letter.

            (3)        Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-sections (1) and (2), the allowance already paid to any person under the said letter shall be deemed to have been validly paid and shall not be recovered from him by the Government.

3.         Repeal.— The Punjab Secretariat Allowance (Withdrawal) Ordinance 1997 (XXXIV of 1997) is hereby repealed.

[1][1]This Act was passed by the Punjab Assembly on 29th December, 1997; assented to by the Governor of the Punjab on 14th January, 1998; and, was published in the Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary), dated 19th January, 1998, page 125.

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