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In the Court of Mr. Abdul Razzak Guardian Judge – I, Lahore, Pakistan









Public at Large

Application u/s 151 of CPC to extend the Guardianship Certificate

Respectfully Sheweth:

1.      That the above titled application was adjudicated by Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman Khan, the predecessor of this Honourable Court on February 14, 2002, under Guardian Case No. 722/G. C. of 2001, appointing Najam-ud-Din, the maternal uncle of the minors, as Guardian of the persons and property of minors namely Yasar Mahmood Butt and Aisha Butt Son & Daughter of Asif Mehmood Butt, deceased, leaving behind the Faisal Mahmood Butt, who was major at the time of presentation of application for the grant of Guardianship Certificate and was subsequently deleted by Order of this Honourable Court due to cogent reason. Copy of the Guardianship Certificate is enclosed being Annexure “A”.

2.      That the above-referred Guardianship Certificate was issued only to receive the amount of pension as embodied on its reverse side as per claim at that time.

3.      That later on it was turned out/revealed that there are some other legal dues pending relating to deceased in Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, e.g., Group Life Insurance and Benevolent Fund Grant which could only be drawn upon the production of Succession Certificate.

4.      That upon the requirement of the department of the deceased, i.e., PTCL for the release of pending dues in the department, vide letter number Legal Opinion/Benevolent Fund/Group Ins/2003/, dated January 25, 2003, present applicant applied for the grant of Succession Certificate along-with other one, which was ultimately decided on March 06, 2004 and issued on April 21, 2004, in favour of the Petitioners. Copies of the PTCL letter being Annexure “B” and Succession Certificate as Annexure “C” are enclosed.

5.      That the present applicant was left on the Order of this Honourable Court by Mr. Muhammad Azam Ch., Civil Judge, while granting the Succession Certificate, to draw the share of minors from the department of the deceased, i.e., PTCL.

Under the circumstance stated above, it is therefore, respectfully prayed that the Guardianship Certificate already issued by this Honourable Court be extended to draw the respective shares of minors as required under the Succession Certificate, enabling the present applicant/guardian to draw the same from Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, the department of the deceased.





Nasir Nazir Butt


In the Court of Mr. Abdul Razzak Guardian Judge – I, Lahore, Pakistan






Public at Large




Najam-ud-Din Son of Abdul Aziz (Guardian), Caste Kashmiri, resident of House No. 6, Ahmed Park, Mohni Road, LAHORE.



I, the above named deponent do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

That the contents of the accompanying Application for the grant of extension in the Guardianship Certificate are correct and true to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.








Verified on Oath at LAHORE this 28th day of April 2004, that the contents of the above Affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief and nothing has been concealed.