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The Chief Secretary

Punjab Civil Secretariat


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August 11, 2009

Subject:     Complaint against unprofessional conduct of Deputy District Officer (Revenue), Lahore Cantonment, Lahore (Mst. Saliha Saeed).

Venerable[1] Sir,

It is open secret that no Patwari works as he should be. Advocates are required to deal the revenue matters being representatives of their parties which is permitted under the law.

Undersigned being a Local Commission got registered a Sale Deed vide bearing Document No. 2023, Book No. 1, Volume No. 49, dated 24-05-2007, registered with Sub-Registrar Gulberg Town, Lahore.

As per law on the point, its mutation was required to be entered automatically in relevant revenue record but after the lapse of reasonable time period, it couldn’t did so. Undersigned approached the Patwari concerned for doing so, who refused to do so due to the erroneous issuance of Fard for Sale which was issued by the former Patwari (Probably Imdad).

The matter was complained to DDO(Revenue) Cantonment, Lahore, in writing, copy enclosed. She passed derogatory remarks as to why you are approaching me, you have no right to approach me, and why the party himself is not present? The matter can be resolved only in case of the appearance of party concerned.

If the officer complaint against would have read the application, then it was easy for her to understand the law on point that everyone can be represented before revenue authorities, as per law laid down inter alia in the Land Revenue Act, 1968.

It is my observation after the incident that she is incompetent, unprofessional, and unskilled Servant as she behaves and demands whatever law doesn’t permits. She denies the right of person to be represented. She requires personal appearance of party without cogent reason(s). She doesn’t adhere high standards even average standard of communication. She is Servant but she doesn’t works being Servant but otherwise. May be she is fit for privilege class but as far as general public is concerned, she is ill-mannered.

Now, you are requested to please take up the matter and take appropriate steps so that the person complained against mends her ways. An administrative and legal action may also be taken against her.

It is also suggested that extra ordinary care may also be taken while appointing (public) servants. No servant may be appointed in future like her.

Hope for the best.


Thanks & regards,


Nasir Nazir Butt

Advocate High Court

Local Commission

47-D/2, Islam St. 5, Karnal Pura

Shah Kamal, Ichhra, LAHORE.

Mobile: 0092-333-4076420, Off: 042-5060468.

c. c.:  1. Chief Minister Punjab, 6 – Club Road, Lahore.

          2. Governor Punjab, Governor House, Lahore.

          3. Commissioner, near Civil Courts, Lahore.

          4. DCO, District Courts, Lahore.

          5. EDO (Revenue), District Courts, Lahore.

          6. District Officer (Revenue), District Courts, Lahore.

          7. News Papers via e-mail.

The Concerned Revenue Officer

Lahore Cantonment

Cantonment Courts

Link Tufail Road

Lahore Cantonment, LAHORE.

June 28, 2009

Subject:          Application under section 42 of Land Revenue Act, 1967 (XVII of 1967) for the mutation in revenue record and issuance of Aks Shajra and Fard for loan (Revenue Estate Kotlakhpat) and Representation of client under section 21 of the same Act read with sections 1(a) and 2a(3) of the Legal Practitioners’ and Bar Councils’ Act, 1973 (XXXV of 1973).

Dear Sir,

That undersigned has purchased a property admeasuring 5 Marlas, bearing Khewat No.  1195, Khatooni No. 1511, Khasra No. 1107/20, {total land measuring 4K-10M, share transferred 5/90, i.e., (0K-5M-0ft.)}, situated at Bahar Colony, within local limits of Revenue Estate Kotlakhpat, Tehsil Cantonment, District LAHORE, vide Sale Deed bearing Document No. 2023, Book No. 1, Volume No. 49, Dated 24-05-2007, Registered with Sub-Registrar Gulberg Town, Lahore.

That the said Sale Deed requires mutation as per law against which Transfer Fee has already been paid at the time of registration of Sale Deed with Sub-Registrar concerned.

Undersigned also requests for the issuance of distinctive number to this property and Aks Shajra of this specific property may also be issued after preparing the Tatimmah, as per law.

That undersigned needs Extracts from the Register of Periodic Records of Rights (Fard) for loan to submit with charge documents on the payment of prescribed fee as set out in the Notification No. 2147-98/1184-LR-II, issued by the Punjab Board of Revenue, published in the Weekly Issue of the Punjab Gazette on dated Wednesday September 09, 1998. The same may be issued after the mutation number is allocated to this property.

You are, therefore, most respectfully requested that the relevant Patwari may very kindly be advised to give effect the mutation in relevant record in the name of vendee. A Fard for loan and Aks Shajra may be issued to my nominee who is representing me.

Certified copy of Sale Deed referred above is already with Patwari concerned which is sent through relevant Sub-Registrar.

I authorize Mr. Nasir Nazir Butt, Advocate High Court, 47-D/2, Islam St. 5, Karnal Pura, Shah Kamal, Ichhra, LAHORE, whose specimen signatures are appended below, to receive Aks Shajra and extracts from the Register of Periodic Record-of-Rights (Fard) for loan on my behalf as my lawful attorney.

Thanking you,




Irfan Sardar Khokhar

Specimen Signature



Nasir Nazir Butt

Advocate High Court

c.c.:      1. Deputy District Officer (Registration), Gulberg Town, Model Town Courts, Lahore Cantonment, Lahore

            2. Deputy District Officer (Revenue), Cantonment Courts, Lahore Cantonment, Lahore.

            3. Collector (Revenue), District Courts, Lahore.

August 11, 2009